Directed by David Fincher


According to US

First off I have to say I think that visually, this is the most beautiful video of Rick's. Aside from the really bad hat head/hair Rick is sporting, I really love the casual look to his clothes and those shoes...gotta love a man who wears cool shoes. The whole Asian feel to the video really ties into the Asian references throughout the album.

I always thought at the beginning of this video where they show the ear brushing aside the hair was Rick's. It wasn't until I was at a Rick fans gathering that someone pointed out to me that it was the woman's ear..Rick does not have a pearl in his ear in the rest of the video. Anyone know who the woman was? I'm not really sure if there is a significance to the fact that we only see her silhouette, but that's fine with me...I'm here to watch Rick - thanks anyway. Frankly I think it was a few years of watching this video before I realized how much she was actually in it...

It appears that Rick is in some sort of bathroom, or bathhouse...again could be some sort of Asian they still have bathhouses in Asia? The tile is gorgeous, the fountain is beautiful...again the visuals were really thought out. The fading in and out of the visuals adds quite a soft touch with the flowers, and the water in the room kinda blends with the flow-y feel of the song, almost rhythmic..waving like. Rick with his hands in the water on the line...You are the moon, I am the pull me in and gaze on down at me.. perfect timing. Of course it was probably planned that way.

I can't think of a specific reason why I love this video so much, but I do think if you're in the mood for a calm, soothing Rick fix - this one does the trick. This makes me wish more of Rick's ballads were made into videos...Michelle P.

In the beginning, the girl picking the flowers (like he loves me, he loves me not).
The petals keep falling throughout the video.
I hate the shoes, and the pants are way to loose (might not have noticed if I hadn't just watched Celebrate Youth).
His hair is a little flat, but I remember I really liked the way he looked in this video back when it was new. I also really like the part where he looks up toward the ceiling (during "I was alone")
I never noticed there was a female in this video until someone mentioned it.
Rose petals fall down at the end, like an explosion (and boy has that become a familiar site). 
I have no idea what anyone was going for in this video. - rlh