The Devil That You Know


(Lyrics & music by Rick Springfield)

I'm the devil that you know
Baby I know what you want

I know you ask for miracles
You people good at that
You're waiting for the Man
To pull a rabbit from his hat
But I can get you off
Yeah a bad boy's an aphrodisiac
I promise baby I can be anything you want
I'm the devil that you know
Or the devil that you don't?

You all like the familiar
You all like the routine
You all wish you knew what you know
And still be 17
I had a talk with Jesus
I said, "Man, you're just part of the machine"
He unfriended me on Facebook
I said, "Oh no you don't"
I'm the devil that you know
Baby I know what you want

Now people listen up
He may have loved you once
But why you think God quit Performing all his stunts?
You liked the burning bush
His badass victories on the battlefronts
Where's that angry guy smiting
Heathens and sending plagues?
God has left the building
You can raise the barricades

Sing it for me, baby
Sing your siren song
Listen to me
Everything you do and say is wrong
Your very best interests at heart
You know I've had 'em all along
Everyone gets nervous
When they face the great unknown
Do you want the devil that you know
Or devil that you don't?

I used to like you better
When you had that diamond smile
You close your knees, tossed the keys
And joined the rank and file
Your pretty pink Ferrari
Don't give joyrides in exile
Come back to me baby
Ditch that loser chaperone
I'm the devil that you know
Not the devil that you don't

You're looking up to heaven
Dreaming on a star
You can't reach it baby
Not from where you are
You stuck drinking double Bloody Mary's
At the airport bar
You're scared to make a move
There's so much that you want
Caught between the devil that you know
And devil that you don't




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