I'll Miss That Someday
(Rick Springfield/Matt Bissonette)
Throw me out into the rain
Then you comfort me with pain
How can our love ever last
You're just a big pain in the….
Ask of me, can we survive
This stormy sea, two worlds collide

And you and I 
Will love when love's invisible
Take the time to say
I'll miss that someday

With every time you come unglued
I want to strangle you in two
Learning lessons here I sit
Cause love can turn out to be….
Chivalry, on Broken Wings

Yea you and I
Will love when love's invisible
Take the time to say

Yea, Take the ride
when life is unpredictable
Take the Time to say
I'll miss that someday

One season, one reason
Screaming I won't say the words
Bite my tongue cause nothing lasts forever

Drag it out and take my hand
We'll do the best we can

Oh you and I
Will love when love's invisible
Take the time to say…..

Yea, take the ride
When life is unpredictable
Take the time to say
I'll miss that someday
I'll miss you that day
I'll miss that someday

Song Facts: This can be found on Venus in Overdrive.

More from US:

This was the first song from VIO that I really loved. I thought it had a very current sound similar to much of what is being played on the radio now. I love the driving beat in the chorus. 

This is a very honest song about the difficult part of loving someone and the acceptance that it is not always perfect. It is also about recognizing that you will someday miss even those things about them that you found annoying. 

"This stormy sea, Two worlds collide" - a rocky marriage ,many disagreements. 

"Will love when love's invisible" - still loving each other even when it's not apparent. 

"Cause love can turn out to be chivalry on broken wings" - when someone stays in a relationship because they think it's the honorable thing to do. No running away-broken wings.  - Elizabeth S. 

It took me quite a while and many listens for me to get past the opening. The play on words is somewhat cheesy, but once the music starts up full force, I am happy with it.

Again, it starts out very much like something I would not enjoy, but I really like it and it’s easy to sing along to, so that makes a big difference to me, and I enjoy it now.

I always look for meanings in songs to relate to my own life, and as with all of Rick’s music, this one definitely fits in there somewhere. I think that is what I like about it the most besides the awesome music and vocals he incorporated into it. - Amy L


According to US

Why isn’t this song a radio hit??! This song moved me to tears the first time I heard it, and depending on the particular mood I’m in when I hear it now, it can still bring a tear to my eye. “I’ll Miss That Someday” has the sound of a current, popular radio song in my opinion. It almost reminds me of something I’ve heard, but with it’s own unique qualities, making it an endearing song all it’s own. I personally believe it could stand strong with the rest of the new music on the radio, if given the chance. 

This song pretty much sums it up, in more ways than one. The people we love the most in our lives are often the ones who can or will hurt us the most, cutting us the deepest. We become more vulnerable than we’d like to be. Rick says he and Matt had their parents in mind when they wrote the lyrics, but it definitely has other meanings behind it with the “universal voice” that we’ve come to know and love in Rick’s lyrics. I think the lyrics could also relate to a spouse, a best friend, a child or anyone else in our lives who…although they can push our buttons or cause us pain at times…mean the world to us, no matter what…through thick and thin. We know that despite their shortcomings, human mistakes and their ways of driving us crazy, we will miss that someday when they are no longer with us. Hopefully we don’t lose sight of how important our time is with those we love, while they are still here. And after all, none of us are perfect.

I have my favorite songs from Venus, and this is definitely one of them! The song has a captivating effect the way it goes from Rick’s voice, crisp and clear, throughout the mellow verses to the big, emotion-filled chorus. It gives the lyrics an even greater impact and conviction, as if the words are not ‘insightful’ enough on their own. “Throw me out into the rain, then you comfort me with pain.” Sometimes love alone doesn’t make things okay, and sometimes we do hurt those we love, even when we think we’re doing the right thing. “How can our love ever last? You’re just a big pain in the…ask of me, can we survive? These stormy seas. Two worlds collide.” I love the obvious word-play Rick and Matt used in this song. If I’m not mistaken, it seems Rick said that he wanted to just use the real words but that Matt didn’t like actual “cursing” in the lyrics. :-P So they compromised lyrically and used insinuations. For me this song is day and night in the way it’s written, which I love. It gives the listener a flip side, to explain the point. The verses are pretty in-your-face, slapping the listener with the reality aspect of real relationships. Whereas the chorus goes into a more positive, hopeful note, as Rick passionately sings, “you and I…will love when love’s invisible.” Clever! It has that “hi-fi, low-fi” sound/technique that Rick says he likes to use. The background vocals are a great addition and Matt Bissonette’s falsetto is amazing in this song! The chorus then reminds us to cherish every moment we do have with those we love, those who drive us crazy, as the day will soon come when we wish that loved one was here again with their many annoying behaviors! Hindsight is always 20/20...

The lyrics are comical, yet serious. I still have the urge to chuckle every time I hear this line. “With every time you come unglued, I wanna strangle you in two.” I mean seriously, who hasn’t felt that way at least once towards someone they love! “Learn your lessons, here I sit, ’cuz love can turn out to be chi---valry, on broken wings.” (Another funny word play.) I know I’ve felt a lack of consideration in some of my relationships, at times, and I know I have been guilty of this as well. The “chivalry” is well-intentioned, but often times it comes with “prices.” Only recently have I felt a bigger connection to how this song could be about your parents. When VIO was first released and I heard this track, my parents actually didn’t come to mind. But due to recent events…oh yes, I can most definitely see it coming from that “place!”

I like the sentiment towards the end where he says, “Screaming I won’t say the words. Bite my tongue ’cuz nothing lasts forever.” Absolutely true in my opinion. Some things are probably better left unsaid. I like to think that honesty is the best policy, but in reality, there are times when we do need to keep our mouths shut, as what we say can often add fuel to the fire. Life IS unpredictable and we never know when those we love will no longer be with us for this ride. I find a really positive message in this song, one that makes me stop and realize that the journey is quite short and maybe it’s best to have a great sense of humor about the things that really don’t matter in the long run. -  Kelley Pearson