Nothing is Ever Lost
(Rick Springfield/Matt Bissoneete))

Nothing is Ever Lost
We just lose sight along the way
As the sun, melts the frost
And its light will heal the day

Turning everything to hate
Is the weight that holds you down
And if you keep your fingers crossed
Your heart and hope to die someday
Burning down the castle gate
It's too late, you've paid a cost
When we find your light, then nothing's ever lost

Song Facts: This can be found on Venus in Overdrive.

Rick says: its about we never really loose anything, which we both believe.  That everything goes somewhere and it all comes back to the one in the end.- promo video


According to US

This song says so much in such a very short amount of time that it lasts. It feels and sounds like it belongs on this CD perfectly. Beautiful music, lyrics and vocals. Plain and simple. - Amy L

Is it just ďmeĒ or does this song have a Tao vibe to it? Maybe itís the instruments in the beginning of the song that remind me of Tao, a bit like the song ďThe Tao of HeavenĒ with itís short, simple message and the positive feeling throughout. In fact, the entire message itself is very much like that song to me, which is one of my all time favorite Rick songs. Iím wondering if the use of the line, ďBurning down the castle gateĒ is what makes me think of the Tao song? Except in that song he says, ďItís a gateless gate for those who never try.ď Is that a harp in the beginning or a guitar? I canít really put my finger on it. I especially love how he opened this song with the beach sounds in the background and of course, his beloved dog Gomer barking and playing by the ocean. It gives me a nice feeling from the start. 

To be honest, it took more than a few spins of this song for it to truly hook me in. But now I really like the song and I think itís in a perfect spot on the Ďalbum,í coming in just before Saint Sahara, almost setting the stage for that song. I think itís pretty obvious this song stems from the loss of Sahara and also the loss of Mattís mother. I have to agree with what Rick says about this song, that nothing is ever really ďlost,Ē and that it does come back to us in the end, somehow (even if we donít see it right then). With each loss, there seems to be a gain, or something good that comes out of that loss. I think many of us have seen that in our own lives in various ways, whether itís through a death or something entirely different. 

I really like the line that says, ďTurning everything to hate is the weight that holds you down.Ē I couldnít agree more! Hate is that ugly emotion/demon that brews within us and builds up, holding us back from growing and learning and becoming better people along our journey. Itís a real waste of time in my opinion. Thatís not to say we shouldnít feel anger, but I think itís how we handle it thatís important, what we learn from it, and how we proceed forward once that emotion has passed, or should have passed. 

Iím really not sure what is meant by the line, ďAnd if you keep your fingers crossed, your heart and hope to die someday.Ē That sounds almost like a grammatical error to me the way itís written! Maybe Iím just not hearing it right? Someone please enlighten me on this one! Iím sure thatís the case, that Iím not interpreting it right, or Rick and Matt would not have written it that way. It sounds to me like the ďtoĒ should be the word ďwill,Ē as in ďwill die someday.Ē Ok, so Ďit is what it is.í I canít really get the meaning from that line, so I just sing along and donít worry about it. LOL But the song as a whole has a great message to me and Iím glad itís included on VIO. It helps to tell the Ďstoryí on this CD and has a beautiful sound and flow to it, although itís only one minute and forty seconds long. After all, itís all about quality, not quantity, right? - Kelley Pearson