(original version)

(words and music by Rick Springfield) 
(Duet With Colleen Finley)

I think that it's time darling we had a talk
I think that we're making a big mistake
I've been feeling lately the magic is gone
Are we just together for convenience sake

I don't believe it
"Tied down"
I don't think that's true
"Need to"
It'll just pass if we allow it to
"Break free"
It's just a stage we're going through
"They say clean cuts"
I think you're just restless for something new
"Heal much faster"

Baby, feeling like we pay our dime
And all we get in return
Is a piece of each other's time

Are we just taxi dancing
Lost somewhere in a slow dance for two
And the band that was playing
Has finally stopped playing our favorite song

Are we just taxi dancing
You're paying for me and I'm paying for you
And are we holding on to a feeling with desperation

Oh, don't know if you're right
Don't know if you're wrong
Seems to me we haven't danced for long

Don't make it hard
"I won't"
Don't make it easy
"Hold you"
I'll just walk away
"If you"
At the end of the song
"Must go"

Baby, put one last nickel in the jukebox
and give that
glass mirrored ball
Just one final spin around

'Cause we're just taxi dancing
Lost somewhere in a slow dance for two
And the band that was playing
Has finally stopped playing our favorite song
cause we're just dancing

And the band that was playing
Has finally stopped playing our favorite song
Are we just taxi dancing
You're paying for me and I'm paying for you
And are we holding on to
a feeling with desperation

Taxi dancing

(total playing time: 3:33)

Song Facts:  It appears on the following releases: Working Class Dog Expanded Edition
Lyrics in orange indicate a difference between the original version on the version that appeared on Hard to Hold.

 According to US

I love when Rick (or any artist) allows us a peek into what takes place when magic is made on an album. Sometimes it's really interesting to hear a song in it's infancy and be so familiar with the finished product that the demo sounds way out of whack. That's how I feel about this demo, that the changes made to the final version were definitely needed and obviously improved the tune.

Let's start out with Colleen Finley, the original duet partner. I have no idea who she is, but her voice doesn't mesh with Rick's very well. I even google-d her, and she's either now a chef, into Risk Management, Massage Therapy, or married with 4 kids living in Antioch, CA. (I'm thinking it's the last one) It's pleasant enough, but it sounds as if she's singing her own tune rather than sharing it with someone. Does that make sense? I'd be interested in knowing how he got "hooked up" with Randy Crawford. (another singer I had never heard of prior to this song, now that I think about it) Not that I really like Rick & Randy together either, but she was a huge improvement.

The changes in the lyrics make better sense for the song as well, I find myself stumbling on the words that seem so out of place here. The "darling" at the beginning, and "glass-mirrored ball" towards the end definitely don't flow very well in either spot, and obviously Rick felt the same. 

Why a song demo that was on the Hard to Hold Soundtrack made it to the Working Class Dog Anniversary release is also a question I'd like answered. This track doesn't sound like anything that was on the WCD album, so I find it hard to believe it was written and/or recorded during those sessions.  -
Michelle P.

I am surprised with myself that I've actually grown to LIKE this original version. When I first heard it, I wasn't really too keen on it. I think that is due to the fact that I'd sang along to the other version, the one which was released, for so many years. I can't really say if I like this version the best, but I DO like it. Some of the lyrics I don't prefer as well though…such as the difference between the verse, (the original): "and give that glass mirrored ball just one final spin around." And then the H2H version: "and give that love we once felt just one final spin around." I like the H2H lyrics a lot better in this part. Although in the first verse, I LIKE the original lyric better that says: "I think that it's time darling we had a talk." (rather than "I think that it's high time we had a talk." Of course, had he not added this to the "new" WCD, then I'd never have known the difference. 

Here's the funny thing about this song for me…I can remember when I first bought the H2H soundtrack, back when it came out. I can distinctly remember thinking this song sounded "old-fashioned," too classical for my taste, or just way too mellow. As much as I loved/love that part of the movie that the song appears in (probably one of my very favorite parts of the whole movie….where Nikki and Jamie are shooting pool), I thought it was too `slow' for normal listening. Don't ask me why! Then I recall that as time went on, and I began wearing out my copy of the soundtrack, it totally grew on me. I found it to be a beautiful love song, and I find that I LIKE Rick singing a duet with someone else. Maybe that is part of what bugged me about the song to begin with. Hey…I was greedy. I didn't like "that woman" taking up Rick's singing time! LOL But now I really appreciate this song, probably more than I did back then, when I was in my "I-like-this-song-but-hate-to- admit-it-phase." 

This is a sad song about a love that's faded away, but the lovers keep holding on for "convenience sake." They've had their share of good times and bad, but the fizzle ("the magic") is gone…it's time to let go and move on. I think the line, "and are we holding on to a feeling, with desperation," is a very true statement. So often when a relationship has neared it's end, lovers will keep trying to rekindle what they had…hoping for a miracle, or that new feeling they once had, and wishing the love will somehow return. I like the comparisons to dancing that are used, where the "dancing" is really the cycles of the relationship. "Lost somewhere in a slow dance for two," or "seems to me we haven't danced for long." 

I think this is a beautiful song that's fun to sing along to, and Rick's voice sounds absolutely incredible here, very clear and right on key…with the usual passion he puts into all of his vocals. He hits some great high and low notes with this song. Also, my 12-year old daughter loves this tune! She will say that she wants to do the "girl part," and then she wants me to "do the boy part." Yes, I have a Rick Springfield fan in the making! - Kelley Pearson

This song has always been one of my faves from the H2H soundtrack. Obviously, I think the version that was on the album was better than this one. This one sounds more 'old school' and the one to make the album sounded more 'up to date' and with the times. I don't know, for some reason, I think that this sounds like a song that would play on the beginning of an old sappy sitcom. I can't quite put my finger on it, but the sound is more 'dancy' feeling then the one on the album....I know that sounds strange, but that's the best way I know how to describe it. Maybe it's the piano and the sax that are so different to make it seem that way.

I love the way he sings in a duet type song. Ricks' voice blends so well singing with a woman, and it sounds great. Again, though, I like the other version and the way the other woman sings, better. Maybe because it is the version I have heard more often, but this one just does not seem to 'excite' me or have the same appeal as the other. I like the way they both sing at the same time, but different lyrics, that makes for a very nice sounding song, I think.  - Amy L.

I have always really liked the original version of this song, it wasn't so much the subject matter or the lyrics.... I think I just thought it was cool that Rick had a duet with a woman (and thus I could sing along with Rick via the woman's part..and we were talking about dancing!! hey I was 12!) So this one isn't dramatically different in some ways - it's the same basic music (even the same sax interlude). But it just seems to feel more 'produced' which is odd because it's the first version so I'd expect it to sound less polished. Plus I don't really like this woman's voice on this song. The woman that sings with him in the H2H version (Randy Crawford) just melds her voice better with Rick's. Either they simply harmonize better or the parts in this earlier version were recorded separately and blended together in the studio (which is what it sounds like...although maybe they recorded the second one the same way and the engineer just did a better job of blending the voices.... hmmmm). 

So it was interesting to hear this version but I'm glad he found a different singing partner, tweaked the lyrics a bit, added the subtle drum-like beat that gave it the 80s feel and also toned down the harshness of the piano to make the final version. So a nice draft but I'm glad he improved upon it. ~Jen H.