(words and music by Rick Springfield)          

Angel, just tell me that you'll never leave, understand 
Though I know it can't always be the way we planned 
I don't think about tomorrow, 
I just thank God You're my..... angel 

Angel,  you saved my life and I was suddenly free 
I don't know, how you came like an archangel 
But now it's just you and me 
I was running scared for much too long 
'Til you put me back on straight

Archangel, God knows what I'd do without you 
My angel, never leave me, always love me 
Like an angel......Archangel

Tears, drop like diamonds from your golden eyes 
Weep for me archangel and wash away the lies 
I've run with demons much too long 
Now take me to your breast
Angel, I've been without you much too long, now I thank God you're mine.

Archangel, God knows what I'd do without you 
My angel, never leave me, always love me 
Like an angel, Archangel 
Archangel, archangel, 
Archangel, archangel, 

(total playing time: 3:04 )

Song Facts: This song appears on Wait for Night and Anthology.

According to US

I have no sin for this song either, but I do like that this one is about an “Archangel” so we go from the sins to the sinless. Again, on this sin theme – I don’t think it is Rick’s intention, but I like it because it just fits so nicely.

There are some brilliant lyrics in this one… Tears, drop like diamonds from your golden eyes Weep for me archangel and wash away the lies …dang, that’s some poetry there. Her tears can wash his sins…the golden eyes dropping diamonds. What great imagery – it saves this song for me. 

Have you ever had one of those songs that some outside influence makes you hate the song? This is one of those for me. I was dreading this review because I knew that I had a negative feeling about it (that had nothing to do with the actual song) that was going to influence me. However, I listened several times, gave it a good chance, and fell in love with the Tears stanza.

I like the changes in his voice as he sings this as well. He goes from an almost falsetto to a deep and powerful sound that gives the lyrics more depth. The falsetto is almost earthy and floaty and then with the deep voice, he crashes to earth and brings home his point. I love when he uses his voice as well as his words to change the feel of his songs – he’s a master at doing that!

My only criticism in the song is the final ohh ohh…it just does not fit and sounds like he ran out of things to sing ;-)

Overall, I do like the song. There is some great writing, the oft used religious icons, and though on the surface it does not sound like Rick, on closer inspection, it is classic Rick. And classic Rick is great Rick! - Anna C.

This is an early "religious reference" song for Rick, sort of a clue to us fans that he was way into these metaphors before the 1980's, when most of us came along. When I first discovered the WFN album, I was still a teen living in those 1980's, and raised Catholic, so none of this sounded overly church going to me. I could totally pick-up on the story underneath, that it was a woman that saved his life so he saw her as an angel. The subject matter did not move the earth for me though. Really after Life is a Celebration I had enough. With that said, you're probably not surprised to read that I skipped this one a lot. Which proves that I listened to side two way more than side one. (Whooo- that statement just AGED me a few more minutes I think)

There's not really much going on here lyrically, just a bunch of "thank you for saving me" "thank God you're mine". The best line of this song is "Tears, drop like diamonds from your golden eyes". Rick always pulls at the heartstrings with some unforgettable lines, and this one ranks up there in the top. If he had used some more of that imagery in this song, I might have stayed longer and listened more. - Michelle P.