(words and music by Rick Springfield)          

Young girl you really did believe in him 
Still he broke your heart with lies 
You've got to be stronger, the pain
It won't last much longer 
Don't lose respect for yourself, no 

Sweet young thing, 
No, don't lose your head 
Or by the time you're seventeen 
You'll be waking every morning 
With a stranger in your bed

One broken heart,
I know it cuts like a knife 
But one broken heart 
Is no reason to give up on life 

Girl, be waiting, be anticipating 
For that new love to come along 
And one broken heart, you'll survive

So sad, 
You lived for and now you're dying for love 
But you won't find it, like that, NO
No peace and calm,
In the strength of a stranger's arms 
Baby wake up to yourself, Now

Love ain't guaranteed, no, 
But it sure is worth a new start 
Or by the time you're twenty-one 
You'll be lying in a stranger's bed 
Dying from a broken heart

One broken heart,
I know it cuts like a knife 
But one broken heart is no reason to give up on life 

Girl  be waiting, be anticipating 
For that new love to come along 
And one broken heart, you'll survive 

And I'm hoping, I'm really hoping 
That sweet love will come your way 
To mend one broken heart, you'll survive 
One broken heart, you'll survive 
One broken heart, you'll survive

(total playing time: 2:52 )

Song Facts: This can be found on Wait for Night.



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This song has me back in my teenage room, sitting on the floor with my records. Rick was comforting me once again. Once I "discovered" Rick, I listened to his music when I was sad, or when I was happy. That basically covers your whole spectrum of emotions as a teen - so in a nutshell I listened to Rick constantly. As opposed to now, when I only listen to Rick continually.

Anyway, this is such a good "picker-upper" of a song to send out to any girl experiencing a break up. Since he sings, "by the time you're seventeen" I tend to think it's for someone younger. (big stretch on that thought there, eh?) That first real *romance* has happened. You think it's going to last forever. But guys being the doofuses they are, especially in the teen years, it's over before you know it. The world has ended. I love how in the first stanza Rick is telling the young girl to not lose respect for herself. Very important words there. "One broken heart, I know it cuts like a knife. But one broken heart is no reason to give up on life." How many times did I utter, "Oh I could just die!" ? You do feel like you just want to give up.

So I'd sit on the floor, and flip through the latest teen magazine I picked up and listen to Rick sing to me, "Girl be waiting, be anticipating for that new love to come along - and one broken heart, you'll survive". 

Do you know what? He was right. :-) - Michelle P.

This is my sloth song. By sloth, I don't mean physical laziness though, more like apathy and idleness. Here is a young girl so paralyzed by the sting of a broken heart, she can't move on, she can't carry on. She is literally lazy with grief. So I see it as a kind of emotional sloth.

As for the music on this one, I go back and forth. There are some places that I really like - the more melodic sounds of the verses, again, the sort of piano bar feel. I also love the pounding piano in the beginning keeping time with the drum-it sounds like a fast pounding and painful heart. However, I can do without the guitar solo, it just makes me loose the emotional feeling of the song. However, it was a 70's rock song staple, so I understand why it is there. I also wish the "Ahh" sound after "One Broken Heart" was not there. It is the only cheese factor in the whole song for me and I just keep getting annoyed with it.

As for the lyrics, love em!!! And it is not just what he is saying, but how he is saying them, as if he is speaking from experience. I once wrote that one of the things that keeps me coming back to Rick as a big brother figure is that he taught me through his songs about the hard lessons to come in life before I even understood what was ahead. One Broken Heart is a perfect example. When my first real boyfriend broke up with me days before he went off to college, I had two songs playing constantly: One Broken Heart and Wasted Time (The Eagles.) Now, when I hear this song, I can still see that bloke's face as we stood beside his car, me in tears and him looking like he swallowed something nasty. But strangely, that does not keep me from liking the song. It was there when I needed it, and I finally got what Rick had told me about years earlier through these lines. He was so right, it does cut like a knife, but he was also right when he said new love would come along. 

Heartbreak is a real bitch, but misery loves company, and when I was in pain, there was no better company than Rick.

Favorite parts? I love the way he says "morning" you can hear that accent as it sounds like moaning, I love the way he sounds all grungy on the first "I know." And my absolute favorite moment in the song is when the kind of grunts between "give up on life" and "girl be waiting." That one tiny grunt makes me so convinced that he feels this pain with me. It is also the reason I will always prefer to hear this song through headphones so I can hear those little nuances. 

SIGH-what a great song to teach all us sweet young things about the lonely and horrible moments between the loves in our lives. - Anna C.

I'm going to go with my first impression of this song that Rick wrote this song for someone who's heart he broke. (At least I hope he's broken a few hearts and not always just had his heart broken! LOL) Maybe he was trying to express the pain he was feeling because he really did care for this girl and he wants her to move on and find real love someday. - Charlotte P.

This is my favorite song on this album. I have probably listened to it about a million times in the past 20 yrs. or so. I love the piano parts and could just imagine Rick sitting there pounding out those notes and singing his heart out. As a young girl listening to this song, I always wanted to believe that he was singing to me :-) (wishful thinking!!) The lyrics were perfect to listen to when I was going through some sort of heartbreak or guy trouble. Rick and his music (especially this song!) carried me through some rough teenage moments.

The lyrics here are so true and it's like Rick knew just what to say to make you feel better. He understood and cared and just made it all seem like just because you feel like crap now doesn't mean you won't be happy one day. I am so glad he was right! When you are actually going through hard times and feeling really low, it doesn't feel like you can make it, but as Rick says, "you'll survive" and that is about the best "advice" he has ever given me... Amy L