Directed  by Paul Justman

According to US

I think this is probably my favorite video of all. The start of the video, with him looking in the mirror actually reminded me a little of Jessie's Girl when he was looking in the mirror.  I know for me, Rick looked his absolute best in this video - his hair was never more perfect. (I know this is kind of shallow, but after all, it's a video, it's all about the visual, and visually he looked GOOOOD). The way he looked in the Inside Silvia/Sylvia (because even Rick doesn't know how to spell it) comes in a very close second.  I really like the way Rick's character is such an average kind of guy, with an average kind of job.   I don't know how all those people in the cars could have been so oblivious to Rick Springfield walking around looking into their car windows.  Of course, this is all the fantasy of the character wishing he had his girlfriend back.  I bet it was a total blast to be able to walk around on all those cars.  I like it when he's performing in front of the movie screen.  The projector hitting his face and then when he's just a silhouette in the lighting, both look really cool!  The floating was maybe a bit much, but loved the landing.  And I swear, the guy driving in the far right after that, the one in the blue and black striped shirt, was either Mike Seifrit or Brett Tuggle (am I crazy?).

And whether it was a real movie playing at the theater or not, my guess is that the movie poster that you see at the end of the video, represents what was playing on the screen. - rlh

This one was never at the top of my list for favorites. I think it's the "flying" thing. Not sure though. I love the premise of Rick being the "projector guy", but let me tell you from someone who worked as an usher in a movie theatre in high school... none of the projector guys were that good looking! They were either geeky or overweight, or both! Seeing Rick in Average Joe clothes was cool too. Up to this point in Rick's short video career we had either seen him in a suit or cool rock-n-roll type clothes (a' la the jumpsuit in DTTS). I have a picture from this video shoot that appeared in Dynamite! magazine which I loved... Rick lying on the cot in the flannel shirt with the oh so perfect hair. Just looking like a gorgeous "ordinary guy".

The band members in the cars at the drive-in were a great added touch. I love that The Fabulous Eels were in a lot the background scenes of the videos in the 80's.

Like I said a paragraph or two before, this whole video is sweet until that someone hands Rick the guitar and he goes flying... then all believability goes out the window. Of course, this is a video, and someone's interpretation of the song, but heck if I know what kind of imagery this is trying to convey.

My favorite part is the end, where he takes the girl in his arms, and his hand is in her hair. Sigh...just what every teenage girl who was a Rick fan in the 80's wanted...Michelle P.
This video is sorta strange when you go by what the song is about, but I am not complaining. If all they showed was Rick in the back of that truck, the whole time, playing that guitar and moving/dancing around, that would be good enough for me, baby! I looove the way the man moves/dances/jams when he is playing that guitar. He seemed to dance around a little more back in the day then he does now, but it sure is nice to go back and see him do it. I also love the end of the video when he 'gets the girl back' and he gives her that hug....He makes it look sooo 'REAL' and so "good"...Great video! - Amy L.
Ahhhh……What a beautiful video! This is one of those videos that you can watch over and over and see something `new' each time. It is full of symbolism and interesting effects. 

I like when Rick has the ball cap on in the projector room for just an instant. Rick starts the movie reel, and then he's seen walking through the drive-in almost like a lost soul. I love how he suddenly jumps into the back of a pickup truck and a guitar comes sailing at him. He grabs it and begins jamming out to the chorus. It's funny how the video makes it seem like Rick is not `really there' at the drive-in. He's jamming on his guitar, walking on cars, peering in cars at people making out…and no one sees him. He's even looking in the car window of his `lost love' as she's on a date with her new man. Maybe the reason for him not being seen by those around him related to how he felt then, that he had `let go' of his girl, and he's now forgotten, out of the picture, like no one cares that he's there. He seems to feel all alone in the video.

I wonder about the part where Rick rips the movie screen with the neck of his guitar. There is a love-story playing on the big screen at the time. It may be symbolic of the fact that his heart felt like it was 'ripped out,' the relationship was 'torn' in a sense, and all that he knew and loved had been destroyed. (or so he thought!) Or maybe he just wanted to add that part as a way to show his angst. There are so many things I like about the visual effects in this video. One of my favorite things (well…other than the FINE-looking man who's singing and playing guitar! ) is the color of the sky; an almost stormy looking sky with blue and black stripes. The outer space scenes are pretty too. Then there's the black silhouette of Rick as the spotlight is right on him, from behind. You can't make out his features at all here, but only see him rocking on his guitar with a bright light surrounding him. BEAUTIFUL! 

Rick looks amazing in this one!!! I can't imagine his hair looking any more perfect than it does right here! He has that great feathered cut, with just a bit of length in the back, and it's blowing back in the "breeze". I especially like how he's wearing `normal-looking' clothes. I remember when plaid shirts over a white T-shirt were `in style.' Well, Rick could wear this outfit NOW and look just as good as he did then. 

The flying thing could almost seem far-fetched, but I think it fits within the meaning of the song. It's certainly no stranger than some other videos I've seen from that time, or especially now. Their hands slip apart and they drift away, symbolic of a real relationship that's broken. ("What kind of fool am I? To just let go…to just let go like that.") I like how Rick and his `girl' are off floating around (searching for each other?) and his band stays behind at the drive-in, entertaining people. And it looked like one of the guys from the band even leaves in a car with someone as Rick watches on. I also like the part where his girl is in a car, backing out of the drive-in. He has a desperate look on his face and he's grabbing at the car hood, hoping she'll stay. ("oh baby please…oh baby please come back.") 

The end is my absolute favorite part of the video! He ends up getting his girl back. GO RICK! LOL That is just a beautiful scene in all aspects. A clock slams through a picture on the wall, which for just an instant has Rick in it ("I meant to say in time baby we could work it out"). Then they both `float' down to what appears to be a bedroom and she lands on the bed. Next we see Rick run his hand down her body & arm, grabbing a hold of her hand and pulling her up off the bed towards him. He has THE most precious, delicate look on his face & in his eyes as he embraces her in a loving hug, with his hand wrapped up in her hair. *sigh* The hug seems to scream "I missed you. I was a fool to let you go." He looks like a man who'll never make that mistake again! I'm so glad this scene was added in slow-motion. I find the ending of this video to be a better ending than the song itself. It gives me a sense of relief and some closure because it shows him in the arms of his girl. It's a beautiful and happy ending to one of Rick's greatest songs.   - Kelley Pearson