(words and music by Jackie Lomax) 

Can't you see that I'm down
I just don't want you hanging around
I guess you better get
Better get going now
Better get going now
Better get going now
Better get going now

I just heard of your love
It wasn't me that you were thinking of
I can't use it again
You better get going now
Better get going now
Better get going now
Better get going now

You think I can't do without you
But you find out you're wrong
I'll find many ways without you
You can't do me wrong

You've been walking the floor
I don't need you girl anymore
I think you better finish
Better get going now
Better get going now
Better get going now ...

(total playing time: 2:03)

Song Facts: This can be found on Zoot Out,  and Zoot Locker.


 According to US

I like this song!!!! I would not say it's my favorite non-Rick Zoot song….but I do find it catchy and have found myself singing along to it. I think the best parts of the song are not so much the lyrics, since they are pretty basic, but the guitars. The guitar solo, although it's fairly short, is the coolest part of the song. The guitars have that classic rock sound that was so prominent during that era. When I hear Zoot…I realize how influenced these guys were by much of the popular music from the 60's. This song has a very Beatles feel for me. The lyrics are basically saying to me….he was in love with a woman who fell for another. He is angry and he's telling her to get lost, that he doesn't need her anymore. He is totally blowing her off! Pretty simple and to the point. Simple is not bad though. Even Rick has a few songs that are easy to interpret.

I've said this before, but I have to say it again….I think it's a shame that Rick did not enter the band sooner than he did. I truly believe his intelligent songwriting could have done more for them as a whole. These guys were very talented without Rick's input, but I think the songs Rick did for Zoot were much deeper and more meaningful than what they created before Rick. Of course we all know how much Rick's songwriting improved and matured over the years, after Zoot. He has come a long way as a musician! But even with Zoot, I prefer Rick's songs over the others, from the music I have on The Zoot Locker. Good song….not one I feel I have to skip, but also not necessarily one that I long to hear either. - Kelley Pearson