(words and music by Rick Springfield) 

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Shouting from the back row
Like monkeys at a zoo
Intricate abuses
Hey Pinky will get you

Everybody guessing
It's hard to work them out
Everything that was dead and gone
When we're dead we'll be looking on
Yes we will

We had this little something
To fix you when you're flat
The magic was its theme
And it would fix you
Just like that

Everybody tried it
It worked out pretty well
When you think that you're feeling down
Sing a song
It will bring you 'round
Yes it will

Easy easy does it
Won't you learn to live in peace
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Take it, take is slowly
There's no need to race
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Juggle it gently darling
You don't have to keep the pace
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Easy easy does it
Can't you learn to live in peace
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...

(total playing time 3:01)

Song Facts: This can be found on Zoot Out,  and Zoot Locker.

 According to US

I really like this song, even though it doesn't say a whole lot lyrically. It's got a groovy beat, and cool guitars! I really like the message "easy does it, won't you learn to live in peace." Another great line…"when you think that you're feeling down, sing a song it will bring you round yes it will." That's a great statement….often times, music will wash away the blues, even if it is only a temporary fix.

I have no idea why Rick would do a song titled "Hey Pinky" at a time when they were be teased about the pink look. Unless it's meant as a jab back at those who were haters of the pink get-up. I read how Rick was NOT into the pink outfits, pink album covers, etc…(thank you Rick!) and that he said the pink suits had to go. Smart move if you ask me. I don't understand WHY their management thought a "pink thing" was a great promotion tool. Obviously from all the crap they got out of it, it was not. I can just imagine Rick arguing with the band, dead set against wearing anymore pink clothes! LOL He seems very headstrong to me, and it seems he got his way. And WE got a picture of the boys showing off their buns, because of it! I bet the girls who were fans of Zoot back then about went NUTS when that photo came out!

Back to the song…Beeb has got a great voice, but being partial to Rick that I am, I so wish Rick had been on vocals for this one (along with the others that Rick wrote). One of my favorite guitar parts of the song is about middle way through (at about 2:30) when Beeb shouts out "YEAHHHH…" and the guitars kick in. That totally rocks! Go Rick!

The video to Hey Pinky is an absolute GEM in my opinion. Wow…36 years ago this was filmed! Watching Rick playing in the background is just strange to me though. He has such charisma & stage presence. The man really needed to be up front. He "was" a front man then, who was pushed to the back. LOL He was jamming out on that guitar, and smiling at the other band members. Ahhh…I love it! Even in his early days, he had it going on, doing that "shoulders thing" as I call it, while strumming his guitar. I even noticed a ring/band on his hand in these Zoot videos. I wonder what that was all about. (obviously it wasn't a wedding band).

I bet when he looks back on this old footage of himself, he's like, "Oh my GOD! No way!" If it's a blast from the past for fans, you KNOW it's amazing/strange for him to see this. This is one of the best songs off of Zoot Locker for me. It's tied as my favorite with the song Evil Child. - 
Kelley Pearson

OK this song makes me want to go dig out the Zoot Locker CD and listen to it. I really don't know that I've given it a fair listen (or perhaps was multitasking when I did).

I really like this song - and it's simply all about the music. From the start the guitars just snag me and keep it up through out the song. The lyrics make no sense to me whatsoever. Sure there is a few cool lines but as a whole it just seems so random. It seems like he had this cool piece of music and just fit some words around it. I'll admit the first few listens I wasn't paying any attention to the words anyway - just jamming along to the music. Or maybe Rick figured if he was not going to be the singer on it - he's just work up some great guitar parts and stick in random lyrics

Being able to see this one performed is also pretty cool - seeing Rick as 'just' a guitarist is so strange to me but the few glimpses we get you can tell he is just jamming away on the guitar. ~Jen H.

I really like this song, in fact it's my favorite one on the Zoot Locker CD. For some reason, I like all of the songs that Rick wrote more than the others. Obviously, anyone would think I was biased towards Rick, but honestly....I picked out my faves before I discovered who wrote what. 
This one, I can tell, was written by Rick, just by the lyrics. It just seems so Rick-like! And the "yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah" 's are what really gives it away, and I can honestly say I like them....unlike some other songs who have na na na's and the like, added in. The guitar is really awesome in this song, and I could just listen to it over and over. One of the better tunes on this CD! ~Amy L.