(words and music by Rick Springfield) 

Something's up ahead
I heard the driver shout
The voice inside me said
Get down but don't get out

I called out to the guard
He said I'm not alive
Why it ain't that hard
I turned and took a dive

Laid upon the ground
I softly kissed your hair
Then we ran around
When no one else was there

I woke just as the sun was rising
Brush cobwebs from my eyes
The morning rain looked just like diamonds
Well that was quite a surprise

Wandered across the meadow
Thinking of the dream
Followed by my shadow
Wondering where I'd been

Ya, ya, ya, na, na, na, na ...
Ya, ya, ya, na, na, na, na ...
Ya, ya, ya, na, na, na, na ... ...

(total playing time 3:22)

Song Facts: This can be found on Zoot Out,  and Zoot Locker.


 According to US

This song sounds like 3 different songs blended into one. Did they do that back then? I must admit I was busy being born and going thru my first year of life when this was recorded/distributed. I'm not sure of the music from then. Even now, I can safely say that for some reason this decade of music alluded me. 50's, 60's - I can sing along with and recognize a lot of music. 80's, 90's for sure. The 70's... not so much. I don't know why that is, I guess it is what it is. :-) Back to this song though, it starts out rather nicely I guess. Then around "I woke just as the sun was rising" the tempo and whole feeling of the song changes. Acid? PCP? Boredom? Lack of budget to go back and fix it? I have no idea why there was a need to change it here. I'm actually kind of tired trying to figure out why when I'm never going to know anyway. Then at the end, there must've been some time left in the studio or tape left on the track or something. We go into a series of "Ya, ya, ya, na, na, na's" Which really don't need to be there or frankly belong there in my opinion. 

The more I listen to this one though, the more my mind keeps going back to Alien Virus. I know, you're like, "Huh?" I've been shaking my head on it too. I've realized though that it's the words/lyrics teamed up with the bass jumping out in the music that reminds of that song so much. These damn words don't make any sense. That bass sounds awfully familiar to me.

So then I was forcing myself to try to remember what it was like before SDAA came out and I wasn't aware of Alien Virus. I mean, this song was written waaayy before that. Now I'm wondering if then I would've thought AV sounded a lot like this one. Yes, it is confusing being in my brain sometimes. However, I am to the point where I'm just happy singing along with the song (I couldn't do that a week ago) and not caring what in the heck it means. I'm not sure I'd ever pull it out again and listen just for listening to music's sake, but it's there all the same. - Michelle P.


Strange Things is the perfect title for this song, because the lyrics don't make a whole lot of sense to me.
I've read them over and over and listened to the song, and it's just kinda 'strange' ! I do actually like the song,
the guitar parts are really good and it just flows together nicely. I think it would have been a major difference
if we could have had Rick sing lead vocals. Although Beeb did a great job, I am sure Rick's vocals would have 
been awesome. 
The lyrics are actually taking you 'through a dream' as it explains later on with " thinking of the dream". I guess Rick had strange dreams at one time, and it gave him the idea for this one. It is a little different lyrically,
but if I just listen to the music and try not to analyze it too much, it's great. - Amy L.