Release Date: 5/23/90
Cast: Cliff Robertson, Rick Springfield, Susan Blakely
Director: Robert Lewis
Categories: Drama
Running Time: 95 minutes
Rick's Character Name: Kyle Rath

A doctor and his wife embark on a trip in the new luxury sailboat she has given him for his birthday. Tension is sparked when they discover the captain of their voyage is her former lover. When a storm forces the trio to land on an abandoned island, it becomes apparent that a storm may be dangerous, but jealousy can be fatal.

Here's a few quotes from Rick he gave while filming the movie:

"Every actor wants to break out of the box that they put you in and that's where I'm heading, out of the box as fast as I can. 
(about the character he plays) He's not a nut, he's just very possessed by what he believes, which we all are, but he just believes a little to the left.

This made-for-TV movie starts off showing Susan Blakely being escorted off of a yacht. The viewer can hear her thoughts, she is telling herself to just relax.

The scene changes to a black-tie party at an obvious mansion. It turns out to be Daniel Bernard's house, and the party is celebrating his birthday. He is a plastic surgeon, with a lot of high-powered friends in attendance. Daniel pulls Alex, his wife, aside and mentions to her that he can't wait to be alone with her. She announces that The Senator has arrived. He goes over to shake hands with him. Alex takes off to the kitchen, where two of her friends are gossiping. They mention to her that Kyle Rath is back in town. They talk about how handsome he is, all the while insinuating that Alex already has familiarity with him. Alex tells them that she is faithful to her husband. As she leaves the kitchen, one of the women says, "Faithful. These days." Alex pulls Daniel away from the party and they tuck away upstairs. She tells him she has a surprise for him and he should look under her dress. She's wearing stockings & a garter belt. He kneels down, while Alex closes her eyes and moans. The maid sees them and hurries off in the opposite direction. (reviewer's comment: I feel like I'm writing some kind of Harlequin Romance novel)

The party is now over, and Alex & Daniel are saying good-bye to their guests. (reviewer's comment: after what he just did, he's kissing these women farewell? Ewww!!) In their bedroom getting ready for bed. Daniel is writing in his journal and Alex is applying lotion to herself. She tells him his present is on his pillow. He thought the party was his present, and goes over to the bed. He picks up an envelope which says "To My Darling Husband". (gag) He opens it, and inside is a check for $10,000 made out to him. (he's a plastic surgeon - does he really want or need money for his birthday?) She's written that it's for his new toy. He assumes she is referring to herself. (dumbass) She tells him she wrote the check out of her money she saved up for his birthday. (doing what, whoring?) 

The next day, they are walking into a restaurant and the maitre'd tells them they do not have a reservation. He escorts them outside to the dock. Daniel keeps asking what is going on, while Alex is running & pulling him over to a yacht that has a big bow on it. She points out the champagne, and he sees the yacht's name is "Daniel B". He asks her if she bought the yacht. She tells him, "No, you bought it. I just made up your mind." We now see Rick....Kyle watching from the dock. They board the boat, and take a look around. Alex wants to have sex, now, and Daniel is giving her the brush-off telling her he has patients waiting. Kyle boards the yacht, hears them having some loud sex and stows his bag. As Alex & Daniel are lying in bed talking about the boat, they feel it start up and move. They hastily get dressed and Alex explains that she hired Leo and arranged for Daniel to have the day off. After they are dressed they head up to the deck, and see that it's Kyle (looking mightily dapper in some tight-tight jeans and a flannel shirt, with just a peek of chest hair and the wind blowing the somewhat-long hair on his head - it was a pause moment for sure). They both looked stressed. Daniel asks where Leo is, Kyle gives them TMI and says he's sick with the runs. (as bad as that line may be, it was improved a bit with a touch of an accent) Kyle then says, "Come on up. It's funny looking at you two down there, like you're stuck in a coffin." Cue da-da-dum music. Daniel goes to check out the rest of the boat so Alex follows him to the front. (bow, stern? sorry I'm really bad with boating terms) Alex tells him she knows what he's thinking and that he's wrong. He tells her he's just feeling guilty about leaving his patients. She insists that she didn't know Kyle was back in town until the night before. She then gets angry and tells Daniel that he used to be friends with Kyle. He says that she knows why they are no longer friends.

They walk back to Kyle, who is (steering? driving? again, I don't know the proper term) the yacht. Kyle asks Daniel what birthday it is for him. Daniel replies, "55". Kyle comments that his Dad died at 55. Daniel then warns Kyle to stay away from Alex. He goes down below and comes back up with a bottle of champagne in his hand, and proceeds to spray Alex in the face (way to go Dan!). She gets all pissed off and goes down below to change. He goes below and grovels & apologizes. She calls him a jerk and then laughs and kisses him. Meanwhile, Kyle is listening to the radio above. The forecast is calling for a major storm with high winds & rain. Kyle turns the radio off. On his way back up to the deck, Daniel sees Kyle's bag. He gets a bit nosey, and finds a gun. He puts the gun back in the bag and continues to climb up. Kyle tells Daniel about the storm and that they need to turn back. He almost hits Daniel on the head with the sail. The waves are getting very choppy, and the three of them start discussing their options of either riding it out or trying to find shelter. Kyle tells them there is an island nearby, they decide to head for there. As they are docking the boat, Daniel takes a dive and Alex rushes to his side. Kyle gets the boat secured and helps Alex off, and leaves Daniel lying there in the rain. He tells Alex to go up to the lighthouse and he and Daniel will secure the rest of the lines. 

Later, Alex & Daniel are in the lighthouse. She is rifling through the cupboards and he is sitting by the fire. Daniel asks Alex what her game is - he knows she has slept with Kyle. He wonders out loud why he married someone 20 years younger, with a bigger appetite for sex. He mentions their pre-nup and taunts her with having little quickies in the afternoon with Kyle. He then asks her why they didn't just kill him on the dock. Kyle with his long, wet black hair -walks in the door with some wood. He states that it looks like they are stuck there for a while. Alex goes upstairs. Kyle wonders if it's something he's said. Daniel says, "No, it's something I said." Kyle tells Daniel he should apologize to Alex then. ( I swear, this man even picks his teeth sexy.) Daniel goes upstairs, and Kyle heads outside to board up the windows. After a while, he comes back in and asks Daniel to give him a hand. While they are hammering, they hear Alex scream from inside. They rush in and see that some of the fire jumped out from the hearth. Kyle stomps it out. He then pulls a necklace out of his pocket and gives it to Alex. It is a Giraffe charm. She explains to Daniel that she went to the zoo one day with Kyle when his wife left him. Daniel calls Kyle a bastard. Kyle tells him they can talk later, but right now they need to finish boarding up the windows. When they get outside, Daniel asks Kyle if he called the Coast Guard. Kyle tells him he didn't and decides to go down to the yacht to radio them. This is where we see Kyle acting quite crazy, spinning in circles in the rain and woo-hooing.

Back in the lighthouse, Daniel is writing in his journal and Alex is watching him. She asks him why he's "always writing in that damn book" and stomps upstairs. Kyle is outside lying on the dock laughing hysterically. Later, Kyle comes in to the lighthouse drenched and goes to the fire to warm up and Alex notices that Daniel is gone. Kyle takes off his wet sweater (more woo-hooing, this time it's me) and puts a dry one on. He goes upstairs to Alex and tries to kiss her. She refuses and they start to struggle. He grabs her arms and holds them above her head while shoving her down on the bed. He tells her he's waited a long time for this. He unzips her pants and rips her panties. He proceeds to rape her (this is quite the convincing performance by Rick - the facial expressions are excellent). They hear a noise, which Alex assumes is Daniel returning. She suddenly pretends to enjoy what is happening, in order to calm Kyle down. Alex then comes down the stairs dressed, and tells Daniel she was sleeping. Kyle goes out the window, and then comes in thru the front door. He says that the Coast Guard will check in on them in the morning. He lays down on the couch, looking very much like a man who has just had sex, and tells them they should get some sleep.

The next morning, Alex looks like she hasn't been rained on, raped or slept in a dirty lighthouse at all. She brings Daniel some tea, and Kyle comes in the door to tell Daniel he needs help getting the boat away from the dock. It is still raining, but the worst of the storm seems to be over. As the men are walking down to the dock, Kyle trips and slips, and ends up hanging off the edge above the water. Daniel helps him get back up. Kyle thanks him, and Daniel assures him that if he didn't need him he would've let him fall. The two of them take the dingy over to the yacht; Kyle has made Daniel do the paddling. Kyle climbs aboard the yacht and Daniel struggles to pull himself up. Kyle helps him and tells him the favor has been returned. Daniel goes down below the deck, and takes his journal out of his pocket. He stows it above the table. He pulls the gun out of Kyle's bag, and removes all the bullets. He puts the bullets in his pocket, replaces the gun in the bag and goes back up on deck. Kyle asks Daniel to turn on the anchor winch, but to be careful as there is "no need to die before your time".
The winch is not working, Kyle tells Daniel to pull it in by hand. Daniel yells that it is stuck. Kyle grabs a hammer and joins him at the winch. They break it loose and Daniel is elated. Kyle then hits him in the back of head with the hammer, knocking him unconscious.

Kyle returns to the lighthouse and tells Alex, "Well, that's that" and asks for a drink. Alex asks about the boat. (not about her husband, but the damn boat) Kyle starts singing "Danny Boy" and she asks where Daniel is. Kyle says, "For real? Ok, I don't know where he is." Alex alarmingly asks him what he did. He then takes her by the hand outside, and leads her to a cliff. They see Daniel's body on the rocks below. Alex freaks out, and says, "You killed him!" Kyle confirms to her that that was the plan. She feigns innocence, "What plan?" She starts screaming at him that people say things in bed that they really don't mean. Kyle insists that she wanted him to have an accident. He starts to get angry with her, so she changes tactics and starts crying and asking him about the rut that is in the ground. He explains it was from the wheelbarrow he used to carry the body to the cliff. She tells him she loves him and wants to be with him. But they have to cover up the wheelbarrow track. They make a plan to bring Daniel up from the rocks and take him back to the lighthouse in the wheelbarrow using the same track. He tells her she's a genius. She calls him darling. (gag) He hesitates for a minute then says, "I guess I'm going to have to get used to that." He climbs down the cliff. When he gets to the bottom, he asks Alex to throw down another rope. Instead, she pulls up his rope - throws it all down to him - then runs away. Kyle is screaming "Alex!" frantically. She takes the rope to the shed and puts everything back as it was, and wipes up her muddy footprints.

Kyle starts climbing up the cliff. Too bad he's wearing the yellow rain slicker and we can't get a good look at that butt in those wet jeans doing them leg stretches. Alex gets in the dingy and rows over to the yacht. She goes down below, gets out Kyle's gun and the radio squawks and startles her. She sits down and starts writing a note. While she is writing, the Coast Guard arrives. She hears them board the boat and pulls out the gun. When they see her, she points the gun and then realizes who they are. The two Coast Guard men offer to take her on their boat, and she tells them her husband and another man are missing on the island. She sees Daniel's journal and hurriedly ushers them off the boat.

We see Kyle has made it up the cliff. The Coast Guards take Alex to the lighthouse. She enters calling out for Daniel. Kyle runs in, panting. He tells them he was out getting wood, and is asking if Daniel is back. They look strangely at him, and then he says he dropped the wood when he almost fell off a cliff. Then he and Daniel decided to race back, which is why he was running. He thought Daniel beat him back. The Coast Guards ask Alex if she wants to go with them again, and she states she wants to wait for her husband. They leave and promise to be back in the morning.

Kyle turns eerily quiet and jokes to Alex that she "almost had him". Alex tells him she was scared he would kill her too, that she wasn't thinking clearly and she starts crying. She says that she didn't tell the Coast Guard what he did because she loves him. He tells her to take her pants off. (this here is the best line of the movie - Rick Springfield saying "take your pants off!") She says "What?" (sheesh, he wouldn't have to tell ME twice!) Kyle yells, "I said take off your pants!" He loosens his belt, and takes it off. (is it getting hot in here?!?!) 

The next scene, we see Kyle getting dressed. (no shirt! no shirt!) He yells for Alex to come downstairs. She pulls the gun out of her pocket and makes her way down. He asks her how her fanny is. She says, "better". He tells her they should go to Florida until all "this" blows over and they can live on the boat. She lights up a cigarette and he abruptly tells her not to smoke, and that she has a whole new set of rules to live by. He makes her say they are "joined at the hip". She then points the gun at him. She pulls up her shirt and we can see the welts left from the belt, and she goes to shoot him. Of course, we know the gun is empty. When she realizes it is, she throws it at him - hitting him in the face. She then throws a wine bottle at him, which shatters on the wall behind him. She runs outside. He runs up the stairs to she where she went out the window. He sees her trying to get to the phone. He comes after her and she runs away before she can call for help. He goes into the shed looking for her (hey dude, look down for the muddy footprints) and sees himself in a mirror. He touches the blood on his face and runs out. She comes out from hiding behind the mirror. She picks up a can of gasoline.

It is now dark. Kyle goes back to the lighthouse. He sees her raincoat tossed aside. He takes a knife out and starts climbing the stairs, calling out to her. She yells for him to leave her alone. He screams that she wants to frame him - and she yells back that you can't frame someone for what they did do. He tells her he did it for love. She starts pouring gas on the floor. He's muttering to himself about killing something you love, something that is so beautiful. She sets the gas on fire and runs down the stairs. He starts screaming, and we see his back is on fire. (he's wet from running in the rain, and she didn't spill gas on him - how can his back be burning? It's those little details that bug me.) He jumps out of the window, rolls down the cliff and falls into the water. 

The scene has changed back to the Bernard mansion. There is a mob of reporters and photographers in front of the house. Alex is taking a bath, reading and tearing out pages of Daniel's journal. She is on the phone asking someone "when can I see you? I can't wait." Her two gossipy friends show up. They are shocked at what happened, and can't imagine that Kyle would do what he did. Alex makes a switch with her one friend so she can get out of house past the paparazzi. Never mind that they look nothing alike, and are not wearing the same clothes, she gets away. She pulls up to a motel and knocks on the door. The Senator answers. Next, they are in bed. Alex is lying on his chest and her belt welts are visible on her back. (I guess we missed the *take off your shirt too* line, darn) She asks him how long he thinks they have to wait. He tells her at least a year, after the campaign. He believes that Kyle was totally responsible for what happened, and she tells him that Kyle did not rape her. 

Alex then meets the Coast Guard at the marina. They have brought back The Daniel B, and a body. (I guess Daniel's). They board the yacht so the police can ask her a few questions. They tell her she must identify the bodies. When they start questioning her, she asks if she should have a lawyer present. The sheriff tells her maybe she should and he shows her the note that she wrote and left on the table. It stated she knew Kyle killed Daniel. He asks her why she didn't come back with the Coast Guard when they found her. He guesses exactly what happened between her and Kyle. She doesn't say a word. The movie ends where it started, she is under arrest and is being escorted from the yacht.

After watching this movie, I can never again look at a yellow rain slicker without thinking of a wet Rick Springfield running around like a lunatic in this movie. That's a good thing. :-) - Michelle P.