(Arthur) I'm ready Merlin
(Morgana) Stop Fools, don't touch that sword
(Rick) Well, well, Morgana.  How'd you get here without your broomstick?
You know you have no power here.
(M) Oh, spare me the wicked witch of the west bit Merlin, it's been done
Who's the Kid?
(R) You don't recognize Arthur, future King and rightful heir to Excalibur
(M) Well, well, Arthur, please forgive me child.  I've been expecting you
Yes, you and I are going to be best friends
(R) Pay no attention to her Arthur, she knows the only way to unlock the
power of the sword is with a true heart, not a pound of makeup and the charm of a pit bull.
(M) There was a time when you would have given the world for my charms dear Merlin.  Come now Arthur, lets unlock the secret of the sword together.
We can use it to do anything your heart desires.  Why wait to be king when you can be the bravest knight in the land right now. Can you imagine how much fun we'll have?
(R) Careful Arthur, I think it's a trick. She's pure evil
(M) And you Merlin are pure boredom. Go see if Siegfried and Roy are hiring.
(A) Forget it Morgana, I'm not helping you
(M) Oh, very well.  Have it your way, you little Brat.  GUARDS!
I'll have that sword or I'll have you
(R) You should quit while you're ahead Morgana
(A) Watch out.....Wow, cool!
(M) On the contrary Merlin, I'm just beginning.
(A) Up there, look out!
(M) Take this you meddling matchbox
(R) Come on Tinkerbell, is that all you've got
(M) <cackles> Oh, enough of this child's play.  I'll get your Merlin, once and for all, and your little brat too.
(A) What's she gonna do?
(R) I'm not sure Arthur, but I don't think it's going to be very pretty.  Go hide, I may need some elbow room here. Oh, and Arthur, remember no matter what happens, she's powerless as long as you believe with all your heart.
(A) Be careful Merlin, she's turned herself into a dragon.
(R) That's not a dragon, I've seen salamanders bigger than that. You wanna see a dragon Arthur, I mean a real dragon.  I'll show you a dragon.  This is a dragon!
(Dragon) I need your help now Arthur.  Go to the sword.
(A) I can't, there's someone in my way
(D) Believe, you can do it. Now, the sword Arthur, take the sword.
(A) I've got it!
(D) Now Arthur, use the sword
(A) We did it, we really did it! Thank you Merlin
(D) You did it Arthur, you listened to your heart
(A) I will be King someday. Excalibur!



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