Line Drawing

So, here we are in the world of EFX
And here, the way to find magic is by listening to your own heart
For me that path is through music, it's always been music
When I close my eyes and I truly listen
I know I can do anything, nothing's too big
Here, I can sing and dance, play a little guitar
I can even fly a rocket ship into outer space
Maybe discover a planet or two
Who knows, I can have the courage to take on anything
Even a dragon, and believe me I've met a few
When I listen to my heart I can be a kid again
I can jump on my ole bike and ride
woo hoo, hey look ma, no hands!
Or I can parachute like that bear
Or fly through the air
Sometimes when I'm really listening
I get the exact same feeling I had the first time I saw a circus
"Wow" I thought, if I could be in a show like that someday

Dreams can be magic, listen to your heart
Stars in your pocket and rainbows in the dark
Listen to the one that is calling to you
The voice that's inside your heart

One thing, though
Listening to your heart doesn't stop the monsters
from showing up now and then
Believe me they do
But even the scary stuff doesn't last forever

WOOOO (Rick slides down a chute)

So, as the EFX Master I can take you anywhere your imagination allows
Tonight, for the last time  we're going to journey into the world of 4 men
who listened to their own heart
Hey, here's the first one now
Have you ever seen one of these things?
It's called a loot
(Rick plays it)
This (Jason you're so dead)This reminds me of Kings, castles, wizards
You know, he kind of place where magic happens all the time


Sal: Hello Ricky!

Rick: Sal, dude, thank God it's you there. What are you doing, we're in the middle of a show.

Sal: Well your stand was all broken, I was only trying to help.

(lots of "awes" from the audience)

Rick: Is that a coat holder there pal, or are you just happy to see me?
Is the elevator still on?

Sal: hey wait a minute

Rick: Oh, did I just say that out loud.

Sal: Jessie is a friend

Rick: One to Sal, good guy, a little eager
So, where was I?

Sal: Magic

Grey text represents prerecorded dialog
Green text represents open mic/ad lib
Italic represents singing

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