General Hospital
January 3, 2006



Scene 1
Bobbie: Hey. 

Noah: Hey. 
Bobbie: This is the patient you were asking about. 
Noah: Oh, ok. Oh. Uh-oh. 
Bobbie: Noah? Ok, where is it? 
Noah: Nurse Spencer, I didn't know you still cared. 
Bobbie: This is not appropriate. 
Noah: Appropriate? You're not my mother or my wife. 
Bobbie: You were doing so well. 
Noah: Yeah, yeah. I made it till New Year's Eve sober. Then I started feeling sorry for myself again. 
Bobbie: Well, that's a pathetic excuse. 
Noah: Always a kind word. Well, look, I have enough pity for both of us. 

Scene 2
Noah: Look at this guy. Death and destruction on two feet, and somehow he gets to live while other good people just -- it's enough to make a guy want to drink. 
Bobbie: Noah, what happened? Is there something that Patrick blames you for? 
Noah: I have enough blame for both of us. Thanks, yeah. 
Bobbie: You know, there's no pain in the world that gets better by keeping it alive. And, of course, you can't drown it, either. 
Noah: You know, I know what you're doing. But it's my pain to deal with as I see fit, ok? Don't deny me that. Some nights, it's all I've got. 
Bobbie: Noah -- I'm sorry. I -- 

[approximately 01:41  of Noah content]

According to US

Noah strolls over to the nurses station, and apparently it's due to the goofy grin on his face that Bobbie feels he has been drinking. After a quick frisk (can I have that job next time??) she finds his flask. He looked like he thoroughly enjoyed that frisk, that's probably the most action he's seen in a while. (I'm talking about the character here!) She chastises him, and again the attitude comes out. I feel this is a perfect response from Noah, as a) he hasn't seen Bobbie in 20+ years and b) he's *supposedly* drunk. 

The next scene has them squabbling over Manny. Not literally fighting about him, but standing over him discussing personal matters. Yeah, that's appropriate. Why though when Noah is lamenting that Manny is still alive that Bobbie draws a line between that and his relationship with Patrick is beyond me. I so don't see a correlation there. Bobbie feeds him a line about pain not getting better without dealing with it and not drowning in it, and Noah scoots out of the room faster than you can say "Happy Hour." - Michelle P.

Noah’s back at GH and back drinking again. Bobbie’s frisks him for the flask and he tells her she’s not his mother or wife. {OK so she’s not related to Noah but I’m sure being drunk on the job would cause him to lose that job – thus perhaps Noah should give Bobbie a bit more respect!}

Noah and Bobbie are in Manny’s room and Bobbie is prodding Noah for the cause of his drinking. {So now Bobbie is letting Noah treat patients? I guess if you fail to take away the flask at least you tried. It’s very sad when Noah says that his pain is all he has some nights. It’s clear that he’s fighting the weight of something and trying to push it away while also punishing himself continuously.} - Jen H.

These 2 scenes today were so short, what can I really say? Not much. The first scene, Noah is obviously drunk, so Bobbie is frisking him for his flask and fusses at him like a 3 yr. old. How the heck can they still be letting him work if he is drinking? I love it when he tells her she is not his mother or his wife….hmmm, could it be that maybe he is being sarcastic about their past here? 

Second scene, they squabble over Manny's head as they check on him. Not much going on…I think these scenes were thrown in there just to remind us that Noah was even still around. - Amy L.


This is a cute little scene! Noah strolls up to the nurses station (that is one happening spot at GH…) and he is smiling sweetly. Seems so good to see him smile ;-) Bobbie hands him a patient's file, but he accidentally drops it. Maybe he is shaky from lack of alcohol! Bobbie runs around to him, to offer her help, or so it seemed, but ends up frisking Noah. More priceless facial expressions from Noah. He is looking quite playful. I do believe he enjoyed the attention. (he seemed like our playful Rick here, rather than the present Noah Drake, or at least the Noah we`ve seen so far!) She finds the flask in his sports coat and kind of rashes him out over it. (wow…although I don't think the purple tie really goes too well with the blue pinstriped shirt, that color of purple looks adorable against Rick!) Back to the alcohol issue…Noah tells her she is neither his mother OR his wife. Basically…back off Bobbie! 

Next scene…Noah & Bobbie go in to check on Manny. He and Bobbie go around again about his alcoholism, all over the patients bed! They discuss his pain, the anger between he and Patrick, and how he can't "drown" his problems. Noah becomes frustrated with Bobbie's meddling in his life, and leaves quite suddenly. Bobbie runs out after him. What about the patient?? LOL - Kelley Pearson