General Hospital
January 4, 2006

Scene 1
Noah: So how about a toast? 
Bobbie: To what? 
Noah: To old friends reunited. 
Bobbie: To old friends. 
Noah: Don't look so worried. I'm an alcoholic, but I'm a functioning one. 
Bobbie: If that's what you think, you're in denial. Because there's no such thing. 

Scene 2
Noah: So is this where the lecture starts? 
Bobbie: No. Just some straight talk. I don't even know if you remember this, but my father was an alcoholic -- the dysfunctional kind. And I don't think I've ever seen a nastier drunk. And I was a little kid -- you know, the girl. I was always trying to fix things, always trying to keep him from knocking the crap out of whoever was standing closest. So I enabled him without choice. But I have choice now. 
Noah: You haven't touched your drink. 
Bobbie: I'm not going to. 
Noah: You used to be a lot better at having fun, Bobbie. 
Bobbie: I thought I could do this, because I really wanted to spend time with you. And I wanted to find out what your life's been like -- what happened to make you like this, and maybe even help if I could. But I'm getting that all-too-familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach. 
Noah: Hey, maybe it's butterflies. 
Bobbie: Oh, Noah. That was a charming attempt at lightheartedness, but your life isn't a joke. It means something to me. And it used to mean something to you, too. And if it doesn't anymore, I think that's a shame. But you know what, I'm not going to sit here in the front row and watch you throw it all away. 
Bobbie: Noah drake, you're one of the few good memories I have, and I want to keep it. 
Noah: No, Bobbie, don't go. Don't go. Please let me try and explain to you. 
Patrick: How many so far? 
Noah: You called my son? 
Bobbie: You need help. And as much as I would like to be the one to give it to you, I can't. I'm sorry. It's a self-preservation thing. 
Noah: Good going. Well, you ruined my night. Don't feel you have to stick around. 
Patrick: I know how much you loved mom. How can you wreck yourself in her name? 

Scene 3
Patrick: Mom was proud of you. Proud of the lives you saved. 

Noah: You know I never should have operated. 
Patrick: There was no time to find another specialist. If she was going to have the surgery, she needed it right away. 
Noah: I killed her. 
Patrick: You lost her on the table. Could've happened to anyone. Besides, we all knew mom was terminal. That surgery was a one-in-10,000 chance. 
Noah: Don't pretend you don't blame me every bit as much as I blame myself. 
Patrick: For Mom? For what happened after, yeah. I looked up to you my whole life. I wanted to be just like you, until I realized that you were a coward. You used Mom's death as an excuse to wreck everything she ever believed about you. And adding insult to injury, you did it in her name. You really think that's a fitting tribute? Dad, you can do better. It's not too late. 
[Patrick slides a card across the table]
Patrick: It's a referral to a rehab clinic. If you get sober, if you get your life back in a way that honors your wife, then maybe there's a chance for you and I. Mend some broken fences. If you choose to keep finding yourself in the bottom of a bottle, I'm asking you as your son to go away and not come back. 

Scene 4
Bobbie: Oh. What happened with Noah? 

Patrick: I gave him a card for rehab clinic. 
Bobbie: Patrick, maybe you should have taken him. 
Patrick: He'll go or he won't. Either way, it's his decision. 
[Noah looks at card, dials his phone]
Noah: Uh -- um -- my name is -- Noah drake, and I need help. 

[approximately 06:09  of Noah content]

According to US

So it's later (they're still wearing the same clothes) and Bobbie & Noah are now having dinner. With drinks - naturally. Apparently Bobbie forgot that earlier he was already tying one on, or she felt rather than beat him, she'd join him. Noah offers up a toast, which makes Bobbie worried. Obviously alcohol makes more of a dent with a toast, eh? Anyway, she tells him he's in denial. I was waiting for him to tell her he was actually stuck in anger and on his way to acceptance, but it didn't happen. :-)

The next scene was a really good one, in my opinion. Bobbie reminds him of how she grew up with a drunk for a father, and doesn't want him to end up the same way. My favorite line here was Bobbie saying, " Noah Drake, you're one of the few good memories I have, and I want to keep it." (One? just one memory - not keep them? Sorry, being picky here) That sad, pensive look from Rick was great. I've been thinking the same thing since Robin found him in that bar - the Noah Drake from the 80's holds a lot of great memories for me too - so hey writers - don't screw up what precious moments I have from my youth, k? Patrick shows up, and Noah is insulted that Bobbie called him. Me too. I think if she had just worked on him a bit more, he would've plied in her hands. Calling his sparring partner may make for a fun side-show, but won't get you the end result you're looking for.

Patrick's speech at the table was impeccable. I swear this character should be checked for multiple personalities. One minute he hates his father, the next he tells him how much he looks up to him. He managed a bulls-eye though, on the target of getting his father to call rehab. Noah does...and that's the last we see of him for a while. :-( - Michelle P.

Bobbie is having a drink with Noah. {OK, we tisk-tisk Noah for his drinking problems and then go and have a drink with him? Brilliant logic Bobbie…I suppose she’d help a sex addict by having sex with them }

Bobbie explains to Noah why she thinks functional alcoholic is an oxymoron to no avail. He’s upset that she’s not drinking with him. He tries to goad her into it at first and then tries to make jokes – neither works. When Bobbie admits that Noah is one of her few good memories. Then she turns Noah over to Patrick when he arrives. {When Bobbie is sharing the story of her father Noah is just glaring at her. When Bobbie mentions her memories of him Noah again looks pained. He quickly goes back to angry when Patrick shows up however.}

Patrick goes yet another round with Noah and leaves him with a rehab number. {I like how Patrick separated his issues with Noah – he won’t allow Noah to add his blame for his mother’s death, he’s only blamed him for what he did to his life afterwards. The pain and tears are back in Noah’s eyes again. He leaves Noah with an ultimatum – clean up his life and work on the father/son relationship or disappear forever……dum dum dum what will Noah do now?}

Noah is served another drink but instead uses his cell phone to call the rehab center. {Salvation?! It appears Noah is making the right move, with tears in his eyes he makes the call. And, for once, he introduces himself as just Noah Drake – not Dr. Noah Drake or Dr. Drake. So off to Japan/Australia he goes… err I mean rehab, yep, rehab, he needs a few weeks to detox and heal right? Rick is really playing the range of motions of Noah very well – he goes from happy drunk to ragging made to mournfully sad from scene to scene but you can clearly see and feel the emotions that Noah is going through.} - Jen H.
Ok, now Bobbie and Noah are having dinner and DRINKING?? How could she let him after just `mothering' him the same day. Oh and that tie and shirt just do NOT go together. Purple tie with blue striped shirt looks awful. Maybe it was supposed to look like he couldn't match his clothes either…LOL After a few words about her father and how Bobbie wants Noah to save himself, Patrick shows up looking yummy as ever. Noah is obviously not too thrilled with the scenario, but doesn't leave and continues to chit chat with Patrick about losing his mother on the OR table. The tears in his eyes and the pain and hurt are just so real. Great acting on Rick's part! When Patrick asks him to check into rehab, Noah calls (reluctantly) and those few famous lip licks are there. WooHoo! 

Rick is off to pack for Japan, `cause Noah is going to rehab! LOL - Amy L.


Ok…now why is Bobbie DRINKING with Noah, when it is such a problem for him?? That is just odd. Noah listens on as she tells him about her father being a drunk and how difficult that was. (but again… she is having a drink with a struggling alcoholic!? LOL) What a cute line where she says she has that feeling in the pit of her stomach…and Noah smiles sweetly and wants to know if it could be butterflies. Ahhh….well it is for ME, I don't know how Bobbie feels about ya these days! Fabulous Rick and his amazing acting skills….I could literally FEEL his pain in these scenes. He's fighting off drowning in that martini. I for one, am fighting off drowning in those beautiful eyes! Even when his eyes appear "pained," (as they certainly are in this scene), they are still drop dead gorgeous. Okay…back to the story!

I BET Noah is one of Bobbie's few good memories, as she said to him. I found that to be a really sweet comment on her part.

But now Noah is shocked when Patrick walks up to the table & Bobbie gets up to leave. He feels so betrayed by Bobbie, that she set up this whole lecture…and now his son too. He and Patrick's exchange about Noah's wife's death is quite emotional…bringing Noah to tears. WOW! Way to go Rick. Major emotion. (I just wanted to give the man a hug and tell him it will be okay…there is still hope for him yet!) Patrick calls his dad a coward for coping out on alcohol, and then slides him a biz card with a rehab number. I thought it was a bit harsh (although I realize Patrick is bitter & angry, rightfully) when he tells Noah he needs to fly right…or just go away and not come back. Yow! Wake up call for Noah! Another drink is delivered to Noah & he is having an inner struggle…but then, reluctantly he calls the rehab asking for help. Whooo…time for a great big bear hug! He did it! (I must say…this was perfect timing for Noah, considering Rick was going to Australia & Japan for awhile!) - Kelley Pearson