General Hospital
January 30, 2006

Scene 1
Robin: What happened? 

Paramedic: Slip and fall. 
Robin: Oh. What's the date? 
Noah: Ask me something I usually know. 
Robin: Ok, who's the president? 
Noah: W. 
Robin: How many? 
Noah: Six. 
Robin: You've got to be joking, right? 
Noah: Three. I'm fine, I'm fine, ok? It was a bump on a head that's survived many. I didn't even need to go through ER, And before you ask, I haven't been drinking.  (blows at Robin)

Scene 2
Patrick: Hey. What happened? 

Robin: Noah fell on a patch of ice. No sign of concussion, just some bumps and bruises. 
Patrick: That's it? 
Robin: What, that's not enough? It's your dad. 
Patrick: Oh, you are so transparent. Somehow you found out I was having dinner with Carly and you thought you'd throw a wrench into the evening. 
Robin: You are unbelievable. 
Patrick: You know, you really should get rid of those repressed feelings. You'll feel better in the morning. What's this? 
Robin: It's your father's blood work. I think you should look at it. 
Patrick: Does he know? 

Scene 3
Noah: You didn't come back here because of me. 
Patrick: Robin told me you slipped and fell. 
Noah: Yeah, but I got up. 
Patrick: How did it happen? 
Noah: I wasn't drunk, if that's what you're thinking. 
Patrick: I wasn't, actually. 
Noah really? Well, that's progress. 
Patrick: Take a look at this. 
Noah: Wow. Poor bastard. Liver's practically nonexistent. His only chance would be a transplant. 
Noah: Oh. I gather this poor bastard's me. 

Scene 4
Robin: I'm -- I'm surprised he's not more upset. 

Patrick: Probably still in shock. 
Robin: What about you? 
Patrick: Well, I shouldn't be. You got to be blind not to see this coming. I guess this is the place I didn't want to let myself go. 
Robin: I'll check the liver transplant database. I'm going to let you know what I can find. 
Patrick: Thank you
Patrick: I'm sure you could probably use a real drink. 
Noah: Got to love the irony, huh? I finally get sober just when it doesn't matter. 
Patrick: It matters. 
Noah: How long do you think? A year? Six months? 
Patrick: I'm hoping sooner. 
Noah: Oh, wow. Wow. Don't pull your punches on my account. 
Patrick: No, I'm not. I'm not talking about death here. We're going to get you a transplant. Robin's going to look, and being a surgeon, you'll go to the top of the list. 
Noah: No. 
Patrick: It's acceptable to use your credentials -- 
Noah: No, no, it won't come to that. I'm not going to have a perfectly good liver wasted on me.

Scene 5
Patrick: If this is your example of gallous humor, I'm not amused. 
Noah: Patrick, I mean it. I'm not going to jump to the head of the line and snatch a liver away from someone who deserves it. 
Patrick: By whose criteria? 
Noah: Mine! Yours. You've said it often enough -- I blew it. I had a god-given talent to help people. Instead of honoring it, I -- I lost myself in the bottom of a bottle. You know, I had my chance and I screwed it up. So for whatever time I've got left, just call it a wash. 
Patrick: I can't do that. And your timing sucks, by the way. After all these years, now you pull out a conscience? Do me a favor. Hang on to it. When you come out on the other side, it might serve you well. 
Noah: Did you hear anything I just said? 
Patrick: I heard you giving up, and I can't accept that. Your life doesn't have to be over. You can turn this into a positive and start new. 
Noah: Too late for new beginnings. 
Patrick: You can fight, you can win. If you're not going to do it for yourself, then do it for me. Do it for me, Dad. 

[approximately 05:05  of Noah content]

According to US

Noah is being wheeled in a wheelchair, with a bandage on his head. The nurse? orderly? dude pushing the chair tells Robin he had a slip & fall. Man, what I wouldn't have given to see Rick do that scene. Robin proceeds to ask him the required questions you ask someone who has bumped their head, and I'm so annoyed. Obviously he's been seen by someone in the hospital already, he's bandaged - you've got to repeat the job?!!? Noah's response of not knowing the date must've been a Rick Springfield ad-lib. :-) The blowing his breath at her was priceless as well. Very comical.

Robin proceeds to call Patrick to tell him about Noah's fall. I think I yelled a "you've got to be kidding me" at the screen here. Patrick is understandably annoyed with Robin...and then when she comments on Noah's blood work - I'm making a mental note to self to be sure the next time I'm in an ER to ask if they draw blood for a slip & fall. If they do draw blood work for that, isn't she violating patient/doctor confidentiality by calling his son about it? (again, it's these little details that bother me. Yes, I do sweat the small stuff) 

The next scene has Patrick addressing Noah. I LOL at Noah's response to Patrick saying he came because of the fall - "Yeah, but I got up." I'm picturing a white haired RS auditioning for the medic alert commercials, but doesn't get the part because he got back up. Patrick shows him his file, and Noah realizes he is in need of a transplant. You could see the realization on Noah's face. Get this man an Emmy nomination!

Patrick & Robin are discussing Noah's reaction. Patrick thinks he's in shock. (Ok, I'm done with the SDAA jokes, they are just falling in my lap now) Robin says she's going to check the transplant database. Patrick goes over to talk to Noah, who zipped on over to acceptance (I just can't help myself, it's just too damn easy). There is a misunderstanding as to what they are discussing - Patrick is thinking transplant, Noah -death. Noah doesn't want a transplant. (of course - that'd make the storyline that much shorter & worthless now, wouldn't it?) Patrick accuses him of now having a conscience. Frankly, I haven't seen Noah's character NOT have a conscience. Refusing to not be put at the top of a transplant list, and not even having a transplant does sound like a dedicated surgeon to me. Patrick pulls out the shame card, and tells his Dad he should do it for him.

This was such a great day for RS/Noah Drake fans. As I said before, I could get used to see him this much. :-) - Michelle P.

Noah is wheeled onto the floor sporting a bandage on his head from a slip and fall. Robin pesters him with questions – apparently not thinking the two ER guys hadn’t covered that already when they bandaged him up {I love the little puff of air at Robin to prove he hadn’t been drinking – Robin’s laughing so much at him I wonder if Rick hadn’t just thrown that in for fun}

Robin calls Patrick to GH because of Noah’s blood work results. {Is it standard protocol to share that information with the son before you even share it with the patient? HIPPA and all?! Although seeing Patrick’s face change as he reads it is a clear illustration of the severity of the results}

Patrick shares the results with Noah. {First I loved the flippant remark “but I got up”, very cute. And then he starts out with that same attitude until the look on Patrick’s face convinces him that the file in his hand is his own. The pain and shock is quite evident.}

Patrick is consoling Noah and they have a typical ‘who’s on first’ moment. Noah is asking how long he has to live and Patrick is talking about how long until the transplant. {I love how the music deepens when Noah asks “How long…” builds up the drama!} Noah makes his first {certainly not his last} statement that he won’t accept a transplant {Patrick mentions him being a surgeon – but I didn’t think he’d allow him back to GH?}

Noah continues to explain to Patrick his reasons for not accepting a transplant – including throwing back at him how he messed up his own life. Patrick asks Noah to fight for him if he won’t fight for himself. {So now Patrick is on board with the new beginnings and trying to start over – tip to Noah, now might be a good time to ask for the job back. But the push and pull between Patrick and Noah is strong – the emotion in Patrick voice as he asks Noah to “Do it for me” is powerful and Noah’s face shows the pain as well} - Jen H.

Noah can be so funny sometimes, but I wonder, also if it's just Rick ad-libbing on some of this. Blowing in Robin's face to prove to her that he has not been drinking. That was cute. When Robin calls Patrick to come to the hospital, we should have known that something was wrong. I mean, why would she call him for a bump on the head? Not only does Noah have an injury above his eye, but the blood work shows that he has liver disease and is in need of a transplant. However, hard-headed Noah wants to argue the point and refuse any efforts to save his life. It was refreshing to see that Patrick could show some concern for his father and he actually got choked up at the end, but don't you think it was about time? - Amy L.


Awww…we see Noah coming in to the hospital by wheelchair….to the scene of course…the happening spot---the nurse's station! His injury is so minor, he didn't even need the ER. Noah's head has a bandage. He has slipped on the ice. Robin is right on top of Noah, asking him 20 questions…questions Noah finds silly and annoying. He even blows in Robin's face to prove to her he has NOT been drinking. Cute! I wonder if Rick threw that part in there??!!

Robin calls Patrick away from a date he's having with Carly to let him know he needs to come to the hospital, it's about his dad. She tells him about Noah's incident, and Patrick finds it trivial. Out comes that cockiness of his! He thinks Robin is jealous of his date! (well…she may be, just a little :0) But the news Robin has about Noah worsens. She hands Patrick a file containing blood test results on Noah. 

I felt this was an intense scene and the 3 actors pulled it off beautifully! The first time I saw it, I was completely in the moment here (like someone jabbed a knife through my heart…it was rather sad. Patrick actually showed a real sense of regret.)

Noah approaches the docs and he and Patrick have an interesting go-around. The realization on Noah's face was great when it hit him that the "patient" who's liver is wrecked, is actually him. Noah is the "poor bastard." What irony! 

After Robin tells Patrick privately that she will see about getting Noah a liver donor…Patrick & Noah have a touching conversation about Noah's condition. It became comical to me though when Noah misunderstood Patrick…LOL! He really thought Patrick wanted him to die. Hey the sooner the better, huh? (!!!) They can't seem to talk at all without arguing. Noah is adamant. He does not want special treatment (first dibs on a liver). Now for the line that sounded so odd to me (just cracked me up the way it was phrased…LOL)---Noah tells Patrick "I'll settle for whatever time I've got left, and call it a wash." (???) It's just one of those lines that seemed out of context to me. Anyway….I really like how Patrick pleaded with Noah to take a liver, even if Noah WAS being stubborn. And I also found it sweet that he got a bit choked up there, and called him dad .- Kelley Pearson