General Hospital
Rick Springfield as Dr. Noah Drake
3/25/81 - 1/27/83

Air Date: 3/25/81
Noah Drake comes to General Hospital
 Air Date: 3/26/81
Noah and Bobbie go to dinner
Air Date: 3/31/81
Noah flirts with Bobbie in the cafeteria.
Air Date: April 1981
Noah Drake Meets Luke Spencer

Air Date: 4/23/81
A Night at the Disco with Pizza
Air Date: 4/30/81
Noah shows up at Kelly's
Air Date: 5/1/81
The Surprise Party continues
Air Date: 5/7/81
The Auction Begins
Air Date: 5/8/81
 Noah Defends Bobbie at the Auction
Air Date: 5/14/81
Noah questions Bobbie about Scorpio
Air Date 5/15/81
Noah wants to get serious about dating
Air Date: 5/18/81
Bobbie turns down Noah for a date
Air Date:  5/19/81
Noah and Bobbie go to Kelly's
Air Date: 5/20/81
Fun at the Disco
Air Date: 5/21/81
Noah goes to Bobbie's apartment
Air Date: 5/22/81
Noah talks to Bobbie about Classical Music
Air Date: 6/5/81
 Noah and Bobbie go jogging

Air Date: 6/15/81
 Another Night at the Campus Disco
Air Date: 6/16/81
Dr. Webber is not happy with Noah
Air Date: 6/17/81
 Noah and Rick argue some more
Air Date: 6/22/81
Noah helps out Dr. Webber
Air Date: 6/23/81
Another Night at the Disco 
Air Date: 6/25/81
Noah Talks about Music 
Air Date: 6/30/81
Hutch comes to GH
Air Date:  7/2/81
Noah tries to find Bobbie
Air Date: 7/3/81
Noah Asks Bobbie to the Picnic
Air Date: 7/6/81
Fourth of July Picnic
Air Date: 7/7/81
Forth of July Picnic continues
Air Date: 7/13/81
 Noah is late to the Disco
Air Date: 7/14/81
 Searching for Luke and Laura
Air Date 7/15/81
The Search Party gathers at Kelly's 
Air Date: 7/20/81
The Search for Luke & Laura continues
Air Date:  7/22/81
Noah is late for his date
Air Date: 7/23/81
Noah checks out Hutch
Air Date: 7/28/81
Noah wants to prepare Bobbie a meal
Air Date: 7/29/81
Noah and Stacy Flirt
Air Date: 7/30/81
 Bobbie thinks Noah is moving too fast
Air Date: 8/4/81
 Noah invites Stacy for a home cooked meal
Air Date: 8/6/81
 Another Night at the Disco
Air Date: 8/7/81
Noah and Bobbie plan to visit Noah's Uncle
Air Date:  8/10/81
Romance Blooms at Uncle Martin's
Air Date: 8/17/81
A bomb goes off
Air Date: 8/19/81
Bobbie recovers
Air Date: 8/20/81
Noah volunteers at the clinic
Air Date: 8/21/81
 Noah takes Bobbie home
Air Date: 8/25/81
 Another night at the disco
Air Date: 9/2/81
Strange Weather
Air Date: 9/4/81
Hutch gets transferred

Air Date: 9/7/81
 Hutch's transfer gets ambushed

Air Date: 9/10/81
The weather becomes more dangerous

Air Date: 9/11/81
puppet show and weather

Air Date: 9/15/81
Noah & Bobbie rescue some children

Air Date:  9/17/81
Noah and Anne set up at Kelly's

Air Date: 9/21/81
Noah & Anne treat people at Kelly's

Air Date: 9/23/81
The weather disaster comes to an end

Air Date: 9/24/81
Noah goes back to hitting on Bobbie

Air Date:  9/29/81
Noah is Bobbie's "friend"

Air Date: 9/30/81
Mike's Grandmother is ill

Air Date: 10/1/81
The Webers throw a Luke a party 

Air Date: 10/2/81
Noah seeks comfort

Air Date: 10/15/81
Senator Drake comes to town

Air Date: 10/16/81
Senator Drake talks politics

Air Date: 10/19/81
Noah and Bobbie have a huge fight

Air Date: 10/21/81
Noah and Stacy have some fun

Air Date: 10/26/81
 Bobbie is cold to Noah, at first

Air Date: 10/27/81
 Dr. Bradshaw comes to town

Air Date: 10/29/81
 Noah thinks about Bobbie's "proposal"

Air Date: 11/2/81
Noah's pursuit finally pays off


Air Date:  11/3/81
Bobbie hides when Dr. Bradshaw stops by

Air Date: 11/9/81
Bobbie is jealous of Anne

Air Date: 11/11/81
 Noah tracks down Bobbie at Kelly's

Air Date: 11/12/81
Elizabeth Taylor as Helena Cassadine

Air Date: 11/13/81
 Luke's bachelor party

Air Date 11/17/81
Noah works on Luke & Laura's wedding day

Air Date: 11/18/81
Noah gets the scoop on the wedding

Air Date: 11/23/81
Noah & Bobbie have fun, Senator Drake visists

Air Date: 11/25/81
 Noah is torn about Thanksgiving

Air Date: 11/27/81
Bobbie is not happy about Noah's decision

Air Date: 12/1/81
Noah's Uncle comes to town

Air Date: 12/7/81
Noah and Bobbie join Anne and Zack 

Air Date:  12/9/81
Bobbie reveals a secret

Air Date: 12/16/81
Noah won't say "I love you"

Air Date: 12/17/81
Noah tries to dig himself out of a hole

Air Date: 12/18/81
Bobbie and Noah's relationship ends

Air Date: 12/24/81
Noah says goodbye to Bobbie 

Air Date: 12/31/81
NYE costume party
1981 Play List


Air Date: 1/1/82
The New Year's Eve crowd heads to Kelly's

Air Date: 1/5/82
Anne Gets some bad news, gets drunk and makes a scene

Air Date: 1/6/82
Noah talks to Anne, talks Dr. Bradshaw out of filing charges

Air Date: 1/12/82
Anne and Noah go to dinner

Air Date: 2/1/82
Noah has quite the appetite

Air Date: 2/3/82
Noah has a patient named Laura

Air Date: 2/4/82
Anne Stops by Noah's

Air Date: 2/5/82
Noah questions Dr. Bradshaw's decision

Air Date: 2/8/82
Noah covers for Dr. Bradshaw

Air Date: 2/12/82
Noah and Anne argue about Dr. Bradshaw, again.

Air Date: 2/16/82
Noah removes Anne from one of his surgeries.

Air Date: 2/26/82
Anne and Noah go bowling

Air Date: 3/1/82
Anne goes to Noahs appartment

Air Date: 3/2/82
Anne gives Noah the cold shoulder

Air Date: 3/5/82
Noah and Anne are in charge of the dart game

Air Date: 3/9/82
Noah continues to be good friends to Anne

Air Date: 3/12/82
Noah goes to exercise class

Air Date: 3/15/82
Noah and Dr. Bradshaw deliver the bad news to Mr. Newell

Air Date: 3/18/82
Anne examines the autopsy report

Air Date: 3/23/82
Noah wants to pursue a romantic relationship with Anne

Air Date: 3/24/82
Anne is on to something

Air Date: 3/25/82
Noah and Anne are back to arguing

Air Date: 4/1/82
Anne can't let it go

Air Date: 4/6/82
The Dr. Bradshaw drama continues

Air Date: 4/7/82
Anne gets suspended

Air Date: 4/13/82
Noah starts to be suspicious

Air Date: 4/14/82
Bradshaw warns Noah about having a relationship with a nurse

Air Date: 4/15/82
Noah finally believes Anne

Air Date: 4/21/82
Anne is reinstated

Air Date: 4/22/82
Noah and Anne investigate

Air Date: 4/26/82
Ann wants Noah to break into Bradshaw's office

Air Date: 4/27/82
Bradshaw denies everything

Air Date: 4/29/82
Noah switches sides again

Air Date: 5/3/82
Noah works at the clinic

Air Date: 5/6/82
More Bradshaw drama and Noah helps Johnny with his Boxing

Air Date: 5/10/82
Bradshaw changes his mind about dropping the hearing

Air Date: 5/11/82
More Bradshaw, more boxing and Noah flirst with Tiffany

Air Date: 5/14/82
Noah and Tiffany dance

Air Date: 5/17/82
Audrey wants Ann to resign.  Noah wants her to fight for her career

Air Date: 5/20/82
The missing page becomes a key factor in the hearing

Air Date: 5/24/82
Tiffany overhears Bradshaw.Noah and Tiffany dance some more

Air Date: 5/25/82
Heather becomes a suspect

Air Date:5/26/82
Noah fully supports Anne

Air Date: 5/27/82
Bradshaw confesses

Air Date: 5/31/82
Mr. Newell decides not to sue

Air Date: 6/3/82
Anne's last day at GH

Air Date: 6/9/82
Noah takes a 3 week vacation to Africa

Air Date: 7/5/82
Noah returns

Air Date: 7/6/82
Noah talks about his trip to Africa

Air Date: 7/13/82
Noah and Tiffany get closer

Air Date: 7/14/82
Noah and Tiffany go on a date

Air Date: 7/19/82
Noah brings Tiffany a housewarming gift

Air Date: 7/27/82
Noah caters a meal for Tiffany

Air Date: 7/28/82
Noah and Tiffany lounge in their swimsuits

Air Date: 7/29/82
Noah invests in the oil business

Air Date: 8/2/82
Uncle Martin drops by

Air Date: 8/3/82
Senator Drake extends and invitation

Air Date: 8/5/82
Noah stops by

Air Date: 8/12/82
Noah gets jealous

Air Date: 8/17/82
Noah expresses how he feels

Air Date: 8/18/82
Anyone want a strawberry!

Air Date: 8/19/82
Noah goes on vacation
(aka Rick Springfield goes on tour)

Air Date: 10/25/82
Tiffany sings

Air Date: 10/27/82
Noah defends Luke and Robert

Air Date: 10/28/82
Noah goes to Tiffany's Grand Opening

Air Date: 11/1/82
Noah brings baked goods

Air Date: 11/4/82
Noah helps Tiffany with her money problems

Air Date: 11/16/82
Noah's patient dies

Air Date:  11/19/82
The love tiangle begins

Air Date:  11/22/82
Noah and Tiffany fight about Bobbie

Air Date:  11/25/82
Noah spends Thanksgiving withTiffany

Air Date:  11/29/82
Noah, Tiffany and crew clean up

Air Date:   12/2/82
Bobbie surprises Noah

Air Date: 12/3/82
Tiffany gets jealous

Air Date: 12/9/82
Noah gives Bobbie a check

Air Date: 12/10/82
Noah and Monica perform surgery

Air Date: 12/14/82
Bobbie and Noah go Christmas shopping

Air Date: 12/16/82
Tiffany walks in while Bobbie is trying on the ring Noah bought for her

Air Date: 12/20/82
Noah and Bobbie kiss

Air Date: 12/28/82 
Bobbie and Tiffany are at Noah's appartment at the same time

Air Date:  12/29/82
Noah turns down Bobbie's lunch invitation

Air Date: 12/30/82
Noah doesn't have a date for New Year's Eve

Air Date: 12/31/82
The Triangle continues
1982/83 Play List 

Air Date:  1/4/83
Bobbie shows up at the Art Show knowing Noah is there

Air Date: 1/6/83
Noah and Bobbie make out in front of the fireplace

Air Date: 1/7/83
Noah gives Tiffany the "I think we should see other people" speach

Air Date: 1/11/83
Noah doesn't want to make a choice

Air Date: 1/12/83
Noah prevents Bobbie from switching surgerie

Air Date: 1/14/83
Luke is Dead?

Air Date: 1/18/83
Noah tells Tiffany about Luke

Air Date: 1/20/83
Luke is remembered

Air Date: 1/25/83
Bobbie gets a dinner invitation

Air Date: 1/26/83
Dinner with Noah's parents does not go well

Air Date: 1/27/83 
Dr. Noah Drake says goodbye, for now
1982/83 Play List