The Runaways
(original air date  1/28/95)

Storyline:  Mick and Joey try to solve the murder of a close friend of Gordon and Fritz. (Yannick Bisson's wife is guest star).

Guest Stars: Chantal Craig (Molly Day), Andrew Binns (Danny Crenshaw), Bruce Hopkins (Barney Crenshaw), John Cairny (grandfather), Peter Muller (Ian)
Note: Chantal Craig also guests in Stalked, John Cairny in It Takes a Thief, and Peter Muller in Dead in the Water

According to US

This episode starts out naturally, on the beach. Mick & Joey are discussing running a friends' surf shop for him for a few weeks. Mick is teasing Joey about wanting to work 9-5, and possibly taking up a mail-order surf board business. They walk over to the shop while talking. Joey sees the owner, Ian talking with a pretty girl. She is asking about surf lessons. Joey interrupts, and offers to give her lessons for $20 an hour. She agrees, then states that the lessons are not for her, they are for her little brother Davy. The kid looks at Joey and says, "He looks like a geek."

*Interesting tidbit in this scene* The credits are popping up while Mick & Joey are talking. Chantal Craig is listed as a guest star. She is married to Yannick Bisson (Joey) and is the sister of Blackhawk Hockey Player Martin LaPointe. I wonder if this is where they met? I had the opportunity to see Yannick & Chantal at the Niagara Falls show this past April. Boy, she sure looks different now. :-)

Back to the show - The scene switches to Gordon & Fritz working. Jacques (I assume the restaurant chef) brings them some food - they ask about his ailing son. He states he will be getting his stitches out at the end of the week. They give him a teddy bear for "little" Jacques. He then leaves, and as he is walking to his car he sees someone trying to steal it. He struggles with the thief, who knocks him over the head with a lead pipe and leaves him lying next to the car. He takes the teddy bear.

Back at the surf shop, (it appears it is now the next day) Mick & Joey meet up with "Legendary" surfer Barney Crenshaw. Barney is in a wheelchair after a surfing accident, and is now designing boards which will be sold in the shop. Mick is wearing very baggy gray pants and a plaid hoodie in this scene. Blech is the best word I can come up with for this outfit. Gordon calls the shop and Joey answers the phone. Gordon tells Joey that Jacques has been killed. Mick & Joey go over to Gordon's, and Fritz tells them there were no witnesses or prints on the car, and it appears Jacques was hit in the head with a lead pipe. (How the cops would know this is beyond me, unless there were traces of lead in his head?) 

The scene switches to Barney's house, he is talking with his little brother Danny about being late for working on the boards. We next see Mick coming back to the surf shop with a box of files, he explains to Joey that a cop friend of his pulled them for him. They are similar crimes to Jacques' murder. Mick reads the files over dinner, and pulls the ones with the same "m.o."

After the commercial, we see Danny breaking into someone's apartment. He takes the lead pipe out of his jacket when he sees a woman sleeping in bed. She jumps up and fights him and starts screaming for help. Other tenants show up at her door, and Danny escapes out the window. Someone tells her that the police are on their way. She freaks out at the mention of the police and runs away also. 

The next morning we see Mick working on the computer and Joey sleeping. The doorbell rings and wakes Joey up. Joey looks out the door and says, "It's the kid from hell". Joey then takes the boy on his surfing lesson. Afterwards, they are walking on the beach and Davy tells Joey that he sucks at surfing. Joey tells him he did pretty good - at least he didn't drown. They walk over to the surf shop. Barney is there with Danny. He introduces Danny to Joey.

Fritz calls Mick and tells him about the incident from the night before, and that there was a witness this time. Mick tells her that's great - but she then informs him she is missing. They know who she is by the things she left behind at the apartment. It turns out she is a former newscaster, Molly Day. Mick is very excited about this news, and tells her that Joey knows her, he went to school with her. He is always talking about her and her career, and that her husband was recently killed. Fritz says she disappeared after her husband's funeral and her family has not seen her since. 

Mick & Joey go over to Molly's grandfather's house. Joey explains that Molly's parents died in a car accident while they were in school and she went to live with her grandfather. They talk to him, and he gives them her old diaries. They hope by reading them they might be able to find her now. 

Mick goes to a local bar to talk to the bartender and shows him a picture of Molly. Joey learns that she was sighted at a local arcade, and that she had recently visited the cemetery where her parents were buried. When they meet up to exchange this info, Mick receives a call from the Bartender to say that she is there. Mick & Joey go to the bar, and see that she is drunk and is hanging out with two men. They end up having a row with the men, and dragging her out of the bar. They take her home, where she passes out. Mick calls Gordon and tells him he found a very similar case while going through the files that he thinks is the same guy - however this case was committed by a juvenile and the records are sealed. Since this was 6 years ago, the age matches up with the current crime. Gordon says he will work on unsealing the file.

Molly wakes up and doesn't remember anything and doesn't recognize Joey. He tells her that her Grandfather is looking for her. She doesn't want to go back home though. The scene switches to Barney & Danny. Barney is reading the paper and telling him about the two recent crimes involving the lead pipe. Danny mutters something about having to make a delivery and walks away. Danny drives to the surf shop - Joey lets him in. He tells Joey he needs help unloading the delivery of boards. Molly drops a glass upstairs, and Joey tells him he'll be right back. They meet on the stairs, she has seen the paper as well and is upset that the police are looking for her. Danny sees Molly and runs into the back of the shop and pulls a knife off the shelf. Mick then shows up, so Danny puts the knife away and leaves.

Molly, Mick & Joey then have dinner. During dinner Molly freaks out that she needs a drink. (this scene was pretty awful - and not needed if you ask me) The next day, Joey takes Molly to the arcade. They spend the day playing games, and in the evening are seen playing Monopoly with Mick & Davy. Gordon calls -(Rick's wardrobe improved in this scene - he's wearing a red shirt that makes him look HOT! and the hair is not so bad either) he and Fritz tell Mick that they will have the file he requested tomorrow.

That night, Joey wakes to hear Molly crying. He goes in and they talk, he assures her everything will be fine. Downstairs, Danny is trying to break in. He accidentally hits the night bell button while breaking the glass, and runs away. Mick & Joey go downstairs and see the attempted break. Again, another great wardrobe choice for Rick - a long sleeve white shirt. Humina! They go back and tell Molly tomorrow they will take her back home to her grandfather.

The next morning, Molly is getting ready to go while Mick goes to Gordon's. He sees the picture in the file, and recognizes Danny. He calls the police, and meets them over at Barney's. Mick tells them what has happened, and Barney begs him to see that he's a good kid and a great surfer. Mick & the police search Danny's room and Mick sees the teddy bear. Meanwhile, Danny shows up at the surf shop with another delivery. Joey goes downstairs to help him. Mick calls, and Molly answers the phone. Mick tells Molly to tell Joey not to let Danny in. Too late, Danny has hit Joey on the head and stuffed him in his van. He is heading into the shop and runs into Molly who recognizes him. He chases her upstairs, where she hides. She throws boiling water on him and they struggle. Mick pulls up outside and hears Joey banging from inside the van. (He can't unlock the door?) He pulls Joey out, they run in and Mick & Danny start to fight in-between a knife. Mick knocks the knife out of Danny's hand and then Barney shows up with the police. 

After the commercial, Mick & Joey take Molly back to her Grandfather. They watch them hug and then go back to the surf shop. Mick is wearing a god-awful shirt that looks like there is an Easter Egg on the right side of the chest. They are discussing the new buyers of the surf shop, Joey was told they were former Swedish models. Davy shows up for his surfing lesson. Joey begs Mick to take him out. Mick agrees and then Davy says he wants a lesson for his sister, not himself today. Then the models show up - they are all senior citizens. Mick smirks at Joey and walks out.

There wasn't much excitement to this episode, and other than the few wardrobe highlights -this reviewer was sort-of bored. I give this one 1 wave, just for the fact that Rick was in it. :-) - Michelle P.
I always like to start out with the important stuff, how does Mick look and what is he wearing. He spends some time in plaid in this episode, not the redneck kind, the good kind. He also has some interesting footwear, and his hair looks great. Overall, looks really good in this episode. Loved the long sleeve white shirt, too. Not crazy about the Hawaiian shirts.

This episode seemed a little dark to me, darker than most, starting out with the chef getting killed when you just learned he has a 4 year old boy in the hospital. Kind of seemed like a game of clue - who done it in the parking lot with a lead pipe.

The bit of comedy throughout involved the surfing lessons with the kid, the mail order surfboard idea, competition with the cooking and the Swedish "beauty queen" new owners.

The actor playing the grandfather made an appearance in a previous episode - It Takes a Thief - as Hans Royter. (they do this a lot) Chantal Craig's hair looked really weird to me, like it wasn't hers.

I agree, this was kind of boring, but Mick looked good, so I give it two waves. - rlh
This is a decent episode of High Tide. I wouldn’t say it’s an all-time favorite of mine, but it’s not terrible or totally boring either. It takes place in sunny California and is centered around Ian’s Marine Sports….a surf shop. 

Mick and Joey are driving to Ian’s. On the drive, Joey is having big dreams of becoming rich selling surfboards through the mail. Mick asks him how he expects to get them in a little tiny mailbox? They sarcastically suggest---‘inflatable surf boards‘, ‘folding surf boards’ and ‘just add water surf boards‘. That was cute. But haven’t they ever heard of UPS??? Or FedEx? (“See what Brown can do for you”). When they arrive, Joey greets Ian and a pretty woman at the door, telling her that he and Mick will be taking over the shop for a few weeks while Ian is away for his wedding. He offers the girl surfing lessons. Davey, her little brother appears around the corner. It turns out that he’s the one who needs the lessons, not the beach babe! Davey tells his big sister that Joey looks like a “geek.” What a riot! The expression on Joey’s face is funny here.

For once, Mick’s outfit is not loud and crazy-looking. The shirt looks pretty nice on him. It’s a blue plaid, with various shades of blue, and a hood. (but a HOOD in CA?? Maybe for windy days, so as to keep his hair in place?) He looks a bit ‘bummy’ though when you see the pants he’s got on with it. They’re a light grayish plaid, and they’re baggy like sweat pants. Anyway, the outfit looks very comfy. It just doesn’t look like something you’d beat around the beach in. 

They meet up with an old friend of Mick’s, Barney Crenshaw, a surfing legend who now makes custom boards. To their surprise, he is in a wheelchair from a surfing accident. He talks to the guys and compliments Joey on his surfing, saying he saw him surf once, and that he has a great style. He tells him to watch out on the waves for his kid brother Danny who’s back in town now. 

The scenes with Davey, the little boy that Joey is teaching to surf, are funny. The kid is a major smart-elec to start with, but then as the surfing lessons continue, it seems he and Joey are forming a nice little bond. I got a kick out of how Joey kept referring to Davey as the “kid from hell.” LOL Yeah, I’ve been around a few like that myself!!! 

Gordon informs them there’s a killer on the loose, who mugged, robbed and killed Gordon’s chef, Jacque, with a lead pipe. So the search is set in motion. They’re to find out who killed Jacque. 

One of my favorite scenes: Joey sets a plate down on the table as Mick is reading the paper. Mick says, “what’s this?” Joey: “it’s a burrito.” Mick: “burritos are round.” (I can hear that Aussie creeping out when he says “round!”) Joey snaps back, “it’s the way it came out of the box.” Mick: “I’m cooking dinner tomorrow night.” Great close-ups here of Mick’s beautiful eyes. They have that bronze look in this scene. I just love hazel eyes and how they can change from green, to brown/bronze or a mix of the two colors. It’s just too easy to get sidetracked when discussing Rick/Mick. Ok, back to the review! 
Later…Mick fixes supper for Molly, Joey and himself and brags on his food preparation. He gives her the exact run-down of the fine ingredients and tells her it’s food that “wars have been fought over.” LOL This is pretty funny coming out of Rick‘s mouth (yeah, I know he‘s playing a character) considering I‘ve heard people ask Rick if he cooks and he says “no, I sure don‘t,” in a tone that sounds like that’s a really absurd thought, getting in the kitchen to cook! Molly asks the guys if they ever stop competing. Joey says, “oh yeah, sometimes when we’re asleep. But then I think he snores louder than I do.” Mick says, “I don’t snore.” Joey comes back with, “yeah right! And Larry, Curly and Mo are rocket scientists.” Mick: “you’re the one that snores pal. You sound like a 200 lb. mosquito.” That was funny! I’ve never heard snoring compared to a mosquito. A real first for me!

It turns out that Barney’s brother Danny is the one attacking and killing people. He tries to kill a young woman (Molly Day) with a lead pipe, but gets away. She saw his face. When the other apartment tenants come in because they heard the ruckus…she says she can’t talk to the police and she runs off. She used to be a TV reporter but has become an alcoholic over the years, since her parents died in a car crash. Joey knew Molly from high school and was ‘sweet on’ her at one time. The guys locate her granddad and ask to see her diary so they can find a clue as to where she might be hiding. She has been blaming herself for years over her parents death because of an angry entry she made in her diary during a “teenage moment” when she wished something terrible on her parents. 

I liked the bar scene where the guys go in and drag a drunken Molly out. Of course, a fight ensues with some men in the bar. I know I keep saying this with what seems like every review, but I think Rick is great in the fighting scenes! I don’t think I’ve seen a High Tide yet where there’s NOT a fight scene. I’m thinking his training in martial arts must have been a big help in acting out these scenes.

I like when Joey, Mick and Molly go to the boardwalk (?) and she’s wanting to win another “Oscar” cat. Mick says he’ll be the one to win it for her and Joey tells her that probably not, since Mick throws a baseball like a girl. LOL 

Throughout the whole show, the brothers are all over top of the killer, Danny, but don’t realize until the end that he is the one on the crime spree. Danny is in and out of the surf shop delivering boards, all the while, they guys are looking for the man who attacked Molly. By the time Mick figures out who it is, Danny is in the surf shop with Molly and Joey. He’s moving in for an attack on Molly once again. He whops Joey with a pipe from behind and pushes him into his open delivery van. Fortunately, as with most make-believe stories, Joey is only “out cold” for about…30 seconds! Of course, or he couldn’t be up and running to save the girl! He runs in and takes her to safety and he and Mick (who’s just arrived) rough Danny up. I felt sorry for Barney, Danny’s brother, who was disillusioned by Danny and thought he was on the right path this time. 

The last scene was comical. The guys are back at the surf shop and in comes Davey and his sister. Joey puts Mick up to giving Davey his lesson for the day. Joey is holding out for the Swedish women who are supposed to come by that day. Mick agrees to do it, but tells Joey he’ll owe him for this. When he approaches Davey, the sister says that the lesson is actually for HER this time. LOL I like the look Mick gives Joey here. He begins putting on the charm, glad to “take over” for Joey. Then along come the 3 women, and they are senior citizens age. They want to know if someone can give them surfing lessons. Mick points them towards Joey and they swarm all over him, touching his cheeks, scoping him over. Poor Joey!!! He’s pleading with Mick to “HELP!”  - Kelley Pearson