Beach Blanket Werewolf
(original air date 1/28/96)

Written by: Chris Baena
Directed by: Sean Christopher
Produced by Maak Jones
Storyline:  An girl from the old neighborhood, now a showgirl, hires Mick and Joey to keep her from turning into a werewolf during the full moon. They do their best, but she eludes them. 
Guest Stars: Therese Kablan (Crystle/Fran Smith), Anthony Addabbo (Romero), Tracy Lindsey (Marsha), Patrice Chanel (Sheila), Rebecca Veldhouse

A former neighbor (Fran Smith aka Crystle), turned Vegas Showgirl, shows up and asks Mick and Joey to observe her during the full moon, because she thinks she'll turn into a werewolf.  Mick and Joey fall asleep (or are drugged) so she disappears while they aren't watching. And there's a dead body on the beach. They later learn that Fran is wanted for murder in Vegas.  Then they are shot at, with a silver bullet. Her boyfriend, Romero, a master of illusions shows up.  He seems very suspicious.  A mysterious woman seems to be eavesdropping. She (Marsha) turns out to be Fran/Crystle's best friend.  She is also suspicious of Romero, he came around after Fran/Chrystle inherited her trust fund (we can probably all see where this is going).  Uh oh, a twist.  Marsha and Romero seem to be in it together, although Marsha doesn't seem very enthusiastic about it.  Marsha turns up dead. Romero has been giving Crystle hallucinogenics. Romero is caught and all is well. - rlh