Will The Real Rick Springfield Please Stand Up?

Featuring the song: It's Drving Me Crazy

Original air date: 11/10/73
Written by Marc Richards - Directed by Hal Sutherland
Storyline: The Chameleon disguises himself as Rick and visits Miss Tickle and the Adventurers' Club to execute his dastardly plans.

According to US

Rick comes to visit the gang, instead of the other way around. Ptoleme and Tut-Tut act really strange when Rick arrives. As they leave a message from Rick comes through the gramaphone that the Rick that just arrived is not him, but it comes too late. When Fake Rick (and fake Ptolemy) calls Tut-Tut "the cat" Miss Tickle knows that something is up. With all the magic Miss Tickle can do, you would think she could make Tut-Tut talk.  When they get back to the classroom, Rick makes contact so they bring the real Rick in to help.  As he's on the lookout for the imposter (or chameleon as they call him) and his sidekick Arlo, it's driving him crazy that there's no way to tell which people came over in disguise (thus the song). The imposters have come to to rob a bank by posing as the world's richest man, and makes a withdrawal from the bank. They figure out what the imposters are up to so they stake out the banks but it is hard to tell which pair are the fake ones.  Rick finally finds them, but he loses them in the classroom because they go through the magic door. Miss Tickle thinks that's impossible but what she doesn't know is that it's Fake Rick telling that story. Three Rick's appear (The Chameleon, Arlo, and Real Rick) so Miss Tickle tries to use her magic to bring out the real Rick, but as quickly as the real Rick reacts, the other 2 react accordingly. They try having the Ricks sing, but the other 2 just "record" the real Rick singing and then play it back (the song is Row, Row, Your Boat). Rick has Ptolemy come to him to prove he's real, but Arlo doesn't want to turn into fake Ptolemy because he likes being fake Rick, so this becomes their downfall. The lesson of the episode seems to be that now matter how you change yourself on the outside, it is the inside that counts. -rlh