Doctor Astro

Featuring the song: We're Gonna Have a Good Time

Original air date: 11/17/73
Written by Marc Richards - Directed by Hal Sutherland
Doctor Astro and Charts Chumley steal priceless artifacts representing the signs of the Zodiac and use their magic powers to bring the symbols to life.

According to US

Doctor Astro is stealing artifacts that are connected to astrology.  He has magic, just like Miss Tickle that allows him to go to the other side of the board.  They discover he is from The Valley of the Signs. His magical powers can make the zodiac artifacts real. He does this to help chase Rick and the gang away. Doctor Astro can also cancel out Miss Tickle's magic. The gang is able to get out of trouble, but following what their horoscopes said. Doctor Astro tries to destroy them with the sun, but it instead wipes out his power so Miss Tickle can once again use her magic to save them. The sidekicks in these episodes tend to be the comic relief.