Featuring the song: I Know that It's Magic

Original air date: 12/01/73
Written by Marc Richards - Directed by Hal Sutherland
Storyline: Nephren, the magical queen of the Nile, returns to life and deems Miss Tickle her archenemy.

According to US

After rolling out of the back of a moving truck, Queen Nephren comes out of her container and back to life along with her magical powers. And of course she brings to life her sidekicks (because what's an episode with sidekicks). Rick asks Miss Tickle and the club to come help him fix the crumbling city of Antiquities.  Nephren feels threatened by Miss Tickle's magic, so reverses the work Miss Tickle has done, then heads aback to the other world and takes some artifacts with her.  Rick and the gang find Queen Nephren's Pyramid where they are trapped by her, but not for long.  The follow her back to the City.  The song fits in pretty well since this episode is about competing magic. (I'm never quite sure why there is applause after the song - there's not really an audience anywhere.) While having a magic showdown, both run out of power so neither can get their magic to work.  Nephren's sidekicks are stuck inthe pyramid.  They have to join together to have enough power to get back through the magic door. The lesson of this episode - Greatness isn't a question of power, but how you use that power.