Modran Returns

Featuring the song: If We Help One Another

Original air date: 12/08/73
Written by Marc Richards - Directed by Hal Sutherland
Storyline: Modran kidnaps the gang and makes them face a robot, a hungry plant and a magical hall of mirrors.

According to US

Rick contacts the gang telling them there's a mystery, but that is all he says before the gramaphone goes silent. But they are suspicious, so they go to the other world to check on Rick.  Modran has lured them over so he can steal Tut-Tut and go to the other side of the board, and leave them trapped. The song in the episode is the same as Episode 4, as is the musical sequence.  I guess they saved some time on this one. Chasing after Modran to find Tut-Tut, they find themselves in a house of doors - lots of doors. The gang splits up, Rick and the girls, and Miss Tickle and the boys, but they both end up in the same place - in a room full of mirrors. They find the room that holds Modran's magic power and Tut-Tut. Miss Tickle's magic is too much for Modran and his "disappearing" machine ends up disappearing all of his equipment. The lesson - being spiteful doesn't pay off. -rlh