A Light Mystery

Featuring the song: Starlight, Starbright

Original air date: 12/22/73
Written by Marc Richards - Directed by Hal Sutherland
The Adventurers' Club heads to the Land of Lights to determine who's stolen a giant electrical generator from the real world.

According to US

Franklin is named Science student of the year. He was to dedicate a giant electrical generator, but when he tries, it is missing. They determine that only some powerful magic could make it disappear.  The possible culprits in this episode are Madame Marquee, Count Celestra, and Baron Borealis. They have a light contest to see how should be in charge of The Land of Lights. They try to reach Rick but his transmission is fuzzy so they go to him. One of the providences in the Land of Lights is "Starlight, Starbright" - which will lead way to the song in this episode.  They start with Count Celestra, his source of pour is a bicycle.  They discover that the 3 get their magical powers from machines that need electrical power to operate.  However all three have to use the bicycle to power up, so where is the generator? Once again, they split up with the girls going with Rick and the boys going with Miss Tickle (not much has changed with the girls wanting to follow Rick).  Ptolemy and Tut-Tut find the missing generator, and they find Celestra damaging it.  Borealis shows up and uses his magic to fix it for Celestra to break it again, so they think Borealis must have stolen it.  Then Madame Marquee shows up and she ends up being the one that took it. Miss Tickle uses her magic to send it back to the real world. At the end of the episode Miss Tickles tells Rick they have to go but "we'll be seeing you soon" but that turned out not to be true, with this being the last episode. This episode seemed to be about dishonesty. - rlh