Featuring the song: Love is The Key

Original air date: 9/22/73
Written by Marc Richards - Directed by Hal Sutherland
Storyline:  The kids are summoned to the land of Dissonia, where music doesn't exist thanks to the sinister Captain Coda and his sidekicks Sharp and Flatte, who plan to use a Music Eliminator to eradicate all melodies.

According to US

Here's another episode where the title doesn't give much away. Dissonia is a land where music doesn't exist, so naturally Rick will be involved in this. Captain Coda has a machine, called a "music eliminator" that erases any sound that is musical. He has two "helpers" - Sharp and Flat, who at the instruments to get rid of them. Of course, Miss Tickle uses her magic to get rid of the music eliminator, and the lesson from the episode ends up being "practice". The song with this episode "Love is the Key" really doesn't tie into the episode. I didn't think this was a very strong episode with the message and the music coming together very well. - rlh

Dissonia was a decent episode. I tend to like stories that revolves around music, if they're written well. The name of the episode fits it well. I looked up the word "dissonia" and it says: "Music containing unstable chords or harmonies that need to be resolved to a consonance." It also says, "unpleasant to hear---making or involving a combination of sounds that is unpleasant to listen to." This was also a fitting story for Rick the musician! It's about a Captain who is doing away with music of any kind in his land, using a machine that 'steals' the sound of music in the air. Can you IMAGINE?? I simply cannot fathom the thoughts of that! What a sad world it would be… Captain Coda's little helpers who are munching down on the musical instruments are pretty funny! 

Rick is with his beloved magical Owl Ptolemy and they are making discoveries about the world without music. He shows some of the oddities to the students and Miss Tickle, such as a group of people huddled around a radio trying to hear it, but there is no music coming from the speakers. They all look terribly saddened by this. Then there's a record player (gee…how times have changed!) with no sound coming out. Yet another gloomy group of people wishing to enjoy music. 

The group enters a music 'museum' where they see instruments in a display case. Miss Tickle works her magic on the instruments and they actually play, but they cannot be heard outside the glass. The Captain and his sidekick are watching on. He realizes that the glass is working against his 'music eliminator.' He is quite unhappy. 

Miss Fizzle points out that by the Captain taking away the music---"depreciating" it---that he's made them "appreciate" it that much more. That is very true in a lot of respects. Kind of like, "you don't know what you've got, til it's gone." 

The Captain turns up the eliminator at full force hoping to kill the music coming from within the glass case at the museum. Again…more shots of his little workers eating instruments as part of their daily diet. This time it's an accordion. One of the elves' has a tongue that keeps bouncing (or sliding) in and out. He makes the crack to the other one that he shouldn't have eaten that slide trombone earlier! LOL 

Rick and the teacher come up with a plan to gather the town together for a `concert,' and then they work magic to create some floating musical notes in the sky. Rick tells them that he knows they've missed having music, but that today they will have music again. The townspeople march toting signs to the museum. Meanwhile the Captains' little elf helpers are trying to figure out a way to get rid of those instruments in the glass. The security guards catch them and they all make chase around the museum. The guards get pinned inside a dinosaur skeleton and the elves go back to their task. Unfortunately for Rick, Miss Tickle and the people, they arrive too late and find the instruments missing. (supper for the night!)

Miss Tickle and Rick take out after the elves and save a piano they're trying to steal. When the workers arrive home, the Captain is angry to learn that "Springfield" and his crew are responsible for fouling up all his plans. When the class arrive at the Captain's house/castle, one of the boys---Harv---goes to the door and begins knocking, whereas you'd expect he was going to sneak up on the house. Rick is behind the bushes saying, "Nothing like letting the enemy know you're around!" LOL Harv is dragged inside. So the gang goes into the house looking for him. Miss Tickle and Rick split off from the group to go find the Captain. The kids find the Captains helpers and one of the guys calls them the `merry music munchers.' 

Meanwhile, Miss Tickle and Rick go into the Captain's room where the eliminator is located. He tells the two what the contraption is all about. Wrong move on his part! The magical teacher pulls out her "music eliminator eliminator" and works a spell on his terrible machine. It won't work. It only bounces off because the Captain has created a sparkle eliminator that backfires her trick. Rick is about to pull the lever on his machine when he's reminded that Harv is being held hostage. Of course he won't risk the boys' safety. The Captain demands they leave the `land of no music' and he will give Harv back to them. They agree and so Harv is set free. They all run out, except for Miss Tickle who first casts a different spell on the eliminator and brings the music back. The machine is finally put to rest.

At this point the song Love Is The Key kicks in. Rick is seen on guitar, the Captain is running scared and he's obviously disturbed that Rick and the gang brought back music to the land. This song relates a bit better to the episode than some of the other ones did. Some of the lyrics seem to fit the show, such as--- "just let the music take you there," or when he says, "kick out the blues and let the music take you. Love is the key." Another verse that mentions music is when he says, "And sing to the world to listen, listen and open their ears to the music." 

The students want to know what's going to happen to the Captain. Rick tells them that he's promised to listen to music everyday from now on. One of the students asks, "won't that make him angrier?" Miss Tickle tells her, "that's one of the magical qualities of music Kim. It can soothe anger and sadness and it can fill your heart with happiness." That's a very true statement! I hope it worked on the music-hating Captain Coda. It can certainly help you relate to others and not feel so alone in your own feelings. Another lesson learned in Miss Tickles Adventurers Club. It turns out that the reason the Captain hated music so much is because his music teacher from when he was a child made him practice music so much that he grew to hate it, rather than appreciating that the practice made him good at it.  - Kelley Pearson