Land of Hyde and Goseek

Featuring the song: If We Help One Another

Original air date: 9/29/73
Written by Marc Richards - Directed by Hal Sutherland
Storyline: When the Magic Gramophone brings a message from Harry Horde, the club goes to the twin magic lands of Hyde and Goseek.  There, they find Rick in disguise raiding parties of Fuzzy Wuzzies, a search for the rare oil called Lanolinobidium (LBM). and Colonel Kadiddle , the last Goseeken.

According to US

I probably shouldn't admit this, but I had to watch this episode twice because the first time it really wasn't holding my attention, so I got confused and couldn't put together the two different lands. I got the Goseek, but I missed out on Hyde. Apparently they were twin cities, but they must have been fraternal twins because they were complete opposites. The land of Hyde was very desolate (all the good stuff was hidden), and the land of Goseek was colorful. The land of Goseek has this special oil that helps the residents of Hyde (Mr. Hyde and the Fuzzy Wuzzies) keep their hair in shape, so they had driven off the Goseekens (I was half expecting a Mr. Jekyll in there somewhere). The Goseeken girls thought Rick was cute. I never really did understand why the Goseekens left their land and what the real threat was. But come to find out, the oil wasn't really worth anything to them, so they were more than happy to give their oil to the Fuzzy Wuzzies. Apparently the moral of this episode was helping one another, which went right along with the song that was included. Or it could even possibly be that with a little communication, we could save ourselves a lot of trouble. - rlh