2600 A.D.

Featuring the song: You Can't Judge a Book

Original air date: 10/13/73
Written by Marc Richards - Directed by Hal Sutherland
Storyline: The gang travels to the distant future to aid an intelligent robot which is in control of Earth's environment.

According to US

While giving a computer lesson, a coded message from Rick comes across the printer to get to the gramaphone. Rick summons the gang to come to 2600 A.D. (not a shock, considering the title). A robot named Omni is in control of everything.  Omni does not understand the word "magic", in other words, it does not compute. The people have put the computer in charge, but the computer is up to no good. Omni manages to negate Miss Tickle's magic by putting the train they are on into a speed warp. The lesson in this week's episode seems to be the Theory of Relativity. One of the students expresses "Living here must be fun" and Rick's response is "you can't judge a book by its cover" which leads to this episode's song. Ptolemy and Tut-Tut get into Omni's room by acting like robots. They disable the force field, allowing the rest of the gang to get in. The gang is sent off to avoid an approaching asteroid while Miss Tickle stayd behind, with Rick planning to come back and join her when the rest are safe.  Omni comes up with the solution to avoid the asteroid. The moral to this seemed to be that it isn't a good idea to let machines do everything for you, or to try to make life perfect. - rlh