Something Fishy

Featuring the song: Free and Easy

Original air date: 10/20/73
Written by Marc Richards - Directed by Hal Sutherland
Storyline: The evil Dr. Manta and his henchman Flip and Finn are stealing coral that helps an underwater city to survive, so Rick summons the club to stop him.

According to US

Having not heard from Rick in awhile, the gang decides to look for him. They find a note in a bottle from Rick. The note says he's in the land below the Ocean. Rick rises up in a submarine (that is also a helicopter) to pick up everyone. The villain this episode is Dr. Manta. The city is surrounded by glass. The underwater city needs coral for their air supply and Dr. Manta is stealing it. Miss Tickle uses her magic to divert a whale attack on the city.  They follow Dr. Manta's sidekicks to find where he is.  Miss Tickle's magic works in the glass city but not under the water, so Miss Tickle is in a pickle. Dr. Manta captures Socks and Vinny. Rick and Miss Tickle get to Dr. Manna and they work out a deal where the city trades their coral to Dr. Manta and he agrees to help the city. - rlh