Giant Steppes

Featuring the song: You Can Really Do It

Original air date: 10/27/73
Written by Marc Richards - Directed by Hal Sutherland
Storyline: The gang visits the Land of Giant-Sized People to rescue Rick from the palace of the gigantic Madame Mammoth and restore Bill Behemoth as the rightful ruler of the land.

According to US

Rick summons the gang from Madame Mammouth's Palace.  So it isn't suprising the these of this episode has to do with size.  Similar to Gulliver's Travels, they go to a land of giant sized people. Miss tickle has a slide rule that could make them bigger, but she loses it to Madame Mammoth, so she draws inspiration from Napoleon who also had to deal with being smaller. Rick is there to help Bill Behemoth take his place as the ruler of the land, after Madame Mammoth shrunk him. Miss Tickle, actually tickles a dog in order to distract him. The episode involves Miss Tickle's magic vs Madame Mammoth's magic, and Rick and the gang getting round while they are small and their surrounds are gigantic, looking for the scepter. One they find it, Bill can gain back control. The song came later in the episode than usual. They are of course successful in their mission. - rlh