Statue of Limitations

Featuring the song: I Want You (What Am I Going to Do)

Original air date: 11/03/73
Written by Marc Richards - Directed by Hal Sutherland
Storyline: After someone steals a famous statue, Rick and the club go to Paris, France where they find a trio of suspects.

According to US

The gang goes to meet a ship that was carrying  Rodin's "The Contemplator"  Statue, but when the ship arrives the statue is missing. (Isn't the statue called "The Thinker"?) The gang heads to Paris to investigate.  First stop is the shipping company, run by LaHoax, also a magician. A witness saw the statue being loaded, so it must have disappeared after that. While there they see a large item being loaded into a vehicle. They follow to a mansion, owned by "The artful Codger, a manufacturer of Magic supplies, but it isn't the statue they are looking for.  The third suspect is Trix LeGrand and one of her past tricks was making a statue disappear. The gang splits up, Rick visits Trix, Miss Tickles follow LaHoix and rest visit the mansion. Rick accidentally makes Trix disappear but finds the statue, but so did Miss Tickle and the gang at each of their locations. They have an expert pick out the real statue but Miss Tickle need not keep track of which one came from where, so they still have a mystery on their hands  The song this week ties in because Rick sings a love song in order to draw out Trix. Miss Tickle makes the statue disappear and after Rick says that Miss Tickle is the only person who could do that, LaHoax accidentally confesses to being the one who did it. His motive was to prove he was a good magician, because he had previously been a failure. The lesson of this episode seems to be that everyone fails at one time or another. (I wonder if they resuse a lot of the song sequences, they all look the same to me) -rlh