Mission: Magic!

Original air date: September 8, 1973 on ABC
Cast: Rick Springfield, Lola Fisher, Howard Morris, Erika Scheimer, Lane Scheimer
Director: Hal Sutherland
Categorie: cartoon
Filming Location:  
Running Time: 21 minutes
DVD Release:  May 8, 2007

Synopsis:  Australian rock star Rick Springfield lent his name, likeness, and songs to this 13 episode show about a magic school teacher and her six students. Originally spun off from an episode of fellow Filmation series "The Brady Kids", Mission Magic starred teacher Miss Tickle, her pet cat Tut-Tut (who, when she says: "Tut-Tut, cat of the ancient lore, it's time to draw the magic door!", comes to life and makes a magical door appear that the class goes into to start their journey), and students Franklin, Vinnie, Kim, Carol, Harvey, and Socks, who together formed the "Adventurers Club." The animated Rick Springfield also had a pet, an owl named Ptolemy.

In every episode, some sort of trouble reared its head in Rick's alternative dimension, and the singer would contact Miss Tickle on his magic gramophone for help. Responding to the call, Miss Tickle would draw a chalk door on the blackboard, creating a portal to Rick's fantasy world. Not surprisingly, Principal Mr. Samuels disapproved of all the supernatural goings on, but Tickle's otherworldly field trips were simply too exciting for the Adventurers Club to pass up.

At the time this cartoon aired, Springfield was primarily a superstar in his own homeland, with 1972's "Speak to the Sky" as his only stateside hit. He would, of course, go on to greater US fame as a star of General Hospital and as the singer of Jessie's Girl and Don't Talk to Strangers - www.toonarific.com

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1. The Land of Backwards

2. Modran

3. Dissonia

4. Land of Hyde and Goseek

5. The City Inside the Earth

6. 2600 A.D.

7. Something Fishy

8. Giant Steppes

9. Statue of Limitations

10. Will The Real Rick Springfield Please Stand Up?

11. Doctor Astro

12. Doctor Daguerrotype

13. Nephren

14. Modran Returns

15. Horse Feathers

16. A Light Mystery