Beach Blanket Bravo

Original Air Date: August 25, 1997 on Cartoon Network.
Guest Stars:
Rick Springfield and Maureen McCormick
Rick's Character name:

Synopsis: When Johnny takes a trip to the beach, he winds up at a party, where a hot chick uses him to make her boyfriend jealous.  This eventually leads to Johnny competing in a "King of the Beach" contest.

Watching this one had my jaw dropping. Seriously, this is really a kid's cartoon? What is the target age group (and I'm not saying this is intended for adults either)? I mean aren't cartoons supposed to have some redeeming qualities? I suppose that's enough rhetorical questions but I was in such a state of stunned amazement that I missed catching 'Andy' with Rick's voice at first. 

But yes Rick plays 'Andy' in this episode. Apparently Johnny Bravo isn't like the Simpsons where they make them look like the actor doing the voice. Andy is a pasty, skinny, goofy guy. He gets dumped by Franny (as voiced by Maureen McCormick) and thus Johnny Bravo comes in and steals her away to take her to the weenie roast (seriously!). In the end, after a surfing contest involving a masked shark, Andy wins Franny back by singing a tune.

And the song? Ugh! It's horrible but I have to admit it does fit in with the show. The show is chock full of silly words and goofy music so it is a perfect fit. Franny thinks the song is �hootie� after all (and apparently that is a compliment). And it seems like Rick along with the others that lend their voices to this show (e.g. Andy Dick, Mark Hamill) are all doing goofy cartoon voices. I take that they are doing that to either fit in with the absurdity of this show or cover up their participation. 

I actually saw a part of a Johnny Bravo a couple years ago and I did not get it then either. At the time my cousin�s 2 year old was watching it � I think he just liked it because of the Bravo�s hair and sunglasses. But really, what is the point? - Jen H.

This is one corny show to me! I remember some years back when it first hit the air, my husband stumbled upon it. We watched 5 or 6 episodes I think. I'm kind of torn in a way with the show's humor. In one sense it's just ridiculous! On the other hand, it's sort of funny the way Johnny Bravo is portrayed, and pokes fun at this type of guy. He thinks he's such a stud muffin! 

Johnny has a blonde hanging on his arm, wanting him to go to the weenie roast down the beach???! But here comes a nerdy guy, Andy (Rick's voice here!) who is hot on Johnny's girl, Franny. She wants no part of Andy. She hangs lovingly from Johnny. Andy and Johnny decide to have a surf competition to see who's the "better man." I love the real video of ocean waves mixed in during their surfing. That looked pretty cool! 

So Johnny wins the match AND the girl. But "Rick" pleads with her, tells her she doesn't need any of this phony jazz. He says maybe he should just sing it to her, so he breaks into song, singing "that thing is love, love, love!" LOL OH how I'm glad this is not a Rick song! He sounds cute doing it, and I suppose in the cartoon genre it's pretty fitting, but on it's own�no. Maybe if Rick had written the song, it would be a lot groovier (or something!) and actually be pretty cool, like the songs from Mission Magic. 

Of course, Franny falls madly for Andy now, because of his strange serenade. She starts singing along, hugging and kissing Andy. Johnny is left woman-less. Andy, the nerdy surfer dude, stole Johnny's beach girl! 

If I had to sum this "appearance" up in one word�bizarre!  - Kelley Pearson
I actually enjoyed watching this. It was really funny. My 11 year old son watched it with me and really enjoyed it. He said it was one of the funniest episodes of this cartoon. He would like to see Rick do Ed, Ed and Eddie next. Rick  has now been elevated to "cool" status with my son. lol  I found myself hoping that Andy would get the girl. The song was awful, so glad he didn't write that. It reminded me of those Beach party movies where Frankie Avalon would just suddenly break into a song in the middle of a scene. Rick seemed to change his voice so it was a little higher so he would sound like an adolescent during the talking as well as the singing parts. I wouldn't mind seeing Rick do some more of this type of work, I thought it was kind of fun and it provided me with an opportunity to spend a little time with my son. -  Elizabeth S.
I'm not a fan of cartoons. Or maybe I'm just a little resistant to cartoons that Rick has been in but I just have no desire to watch them. I've had this episode of Johnny Bravo for about 6 years and I'm just now watching the entire episode (and it was out of necessity to do the video captures for the web page). The cartoon itself, was actually not that bad. The line I found the funniest was "I have two words for you, no".
I also liked the way they showed real waves in some of the cut away scenes during the surfing part. I would love to know what the motivation was for Rick to do this. He is kind of a big kid and I can see this being fun for him. The only thing that really makes me cringe is the song. It's one thing that the song is really simple and goofy, but I found the performance of the song to be rather lacking. I just found that whole thing rather odd. - rlh