Murder on the Flip Side

Original Air Date: October 6, 1978 on NBC
Starring: Vincent Bagggetta
Guest Stars:
Vicki Lawrence, Dick Haymes, Mel Carter, Rick Springfield, Bruce Kirby, Peter Bromilow, and Andrew Robinson, Joanna Miles.
Director: Nicholas Scarro
Rick's Character name:
Tommy Archer

This episode was actually nominated for an Edgar Allen Poe award in 1978 (lost out to Columbo) for Best Television Episode.

According to US

The only interesting parts of the whole episode (of course!) are the ones that Rick is included in. I was really surprised to see him singing in this show. I know that most shows that he appears or guest stars in (back in the day) he didn't sing. "Looking For The One" is the first song we hear him sing in this show. Rick's character (Tommy Archer) is in the recording studio and attempting to do this number. I thought he looked and sounded great. I was surprised to see Vicki Lawrence in this show, also. I have always liked her.

In the very ending, Rick/ Tommy is singing "Jenny B" at a school musical and I thought that was very cute, and heartwarming to see him singing to the little girl who starred in this episode. Just out of curiosity, I looked this actress up, just to see if she was someone I knew that was in film today, but she is apparently not well-known, I couldn't even find a pic of her. I just wonder if she is a fan of Rick's now. 

Overall, this was your typical 70's detective show and Rick added a nice touch to the whole thing! - Amy L.