First Date


Original Air Date: 3/30/14 on Lifetime
Starring: Brooke Elliott, Margaret Cho, Jackson Hurst Kate Levering April Bowlby, Lex Medlin and Justin Deeley
Guest Stars: Rick Springfield, Virginia Willaims, Jay DeMarcus, Philip Roebuck, Lindsey McKeon, Viviana Chavez, Rhoda Griffis, Victor McCay, Sharon Garrison

Director: Robert J Wilson
Rick's Character name: Liam Matthews

Synopsis: Tensions arise between Jane and Belinda as they defend an out-of-control aging rock star against being expelled from his band. Grayson fights to save a graffiti-strewn low income apartment building from a greedy developer by claiming it's a work of art.

I�ve been watching Drop Dead Diva since the very beginning. Like a lot of shows, I think it was better in the beginning and kind of tapered off as it went on. The last season was probably better than the season before, but I wasn't thrilled with the way it ended.
I think it�s kind of exciting when Rick is a guest star on a show I already watch. When I saw his first scene, my thought was �oh no, here we go, this is a watered down version of his Californication character�. And the first thing I noticed was his character�s name � Liam � just like his son, I wonder if that was weird for him.
I did think the storyline was pretty good � a Beatlesque type story, with the Yoko like character, only with a twist. The scene where Reesa told him his guitar playing sounded like a cat in heat and he reacted �that�s crap, utter crap� totally reminded me of a scene from Hard to Hold between Jamie and Owen. I was also a little surprised that Liam didn�t hook up with the Hot, skinny blonde, and showed up at Jane�s apartment instead.
I did think Rick�s acting was pretty good. I think he does sad, upset, depressed really well. Sometimes his �angry� could use a little work. I thought the best scene was the one that took place in the hospital room, which oddly enough, is also what I thought the best acting was during his return to GH (the liver transplant). I do think it�d be nice if he could get a part where he played something very, very far away from his real life - rlh