Jack's Pipe Dream


Original Air Date: 4/19/20 on Fox.  Season 1, episode 7.
Starring: Amy Poehler, Ty Burrell, Riki Lindhome, Zack Cherry, Yassir Lester, Betsy Sodaro
Guest Stars: Rick Springfield (voice)

Director: Adam Henry
Rick's Character Name: Bobby Bastille
Synopsis: Jack follows his dream of writing a rock opera when a sexy new plumber (Rick Springfield) steals all of his customers, prompting him to quit his day job.
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Bobby Bastille's Scene dialog: Scene 1
Jack: Dead Uncle My Ass
Mrs. Tramer: I didn't plan it Jack, it just happened
Bobby: Hello Mate, I'm Bobby Bastille
Jack: What the...
Bobby: You in need of a plummer?
Jack: I am a plummer! Why is your shirt off?
Mrs. Tramer: Why wouldn't it be
Bobby: This is called an Australian Tuxedo, Mate. Oye, Oye, Oye, Oye. You're good to go Mrs. Tramer
Mrs. Tramer: Please don't leave me Bobby
Bobby: Oh Sorry, I've got a full day of people who need me
Jack: These are my clients!
Bobby: I don't know what to say mate.  I guess they must have found another man to lube their tubes.
Jack: That sounds like you knew what to say.
Bobby: Good Day
Scene 2
Bobby: A sewer pipe breaks?  Yea I don't really fix things. I just take my shirt off and bang a few pipes. ha ha. But I think I know just the guy.
(the town comes to Jack to save the town but he needs a tenor to take his place, in steps Bobby)
Jack: Where am I going to find a tenor that can sight-read music?
Bobby: (singing) He's standing right in front of you (rips his shirt off)
Annie: Oh Wow.
Old Lady: I feel stirrings
Annie: Jack, you should really take care of that floody thing.
Kimberly: Yea, get out of here
Jack: You're right Kimberly, the town needs me, because at a time like this....
Jing: Just go
Jack: Ok, Ok.
Bobby: (singing) You were born for war
Duncan: (singing) How can you be sure?
Annie: (singing) Born to drill the earth
Kimberly: (singing) coach me in childbirth
Jing: (singing) I like to meow and purr
Duncan: (singing) I was born to roll - etc, etc
Bobby: (singing) Without war I would never know I love peace....(rips shirt off) WAR.
(more dialog)
Bobby: You're the real plumber Jack. I'm just a stripper who took my gimmick too far.
Jack: Thanks mate (puts a dollar bill in his waist band)

The reviews come in - Bobby Bastille is the hit of the show and is whisked to Hollywood and cast as the star of the show.

According to US

There are quite a few very funny innuendos.  I wondered at first why they picked Rick since he really doesn't speak with an Australian accent on a regular basis, then realized they also needed someone who sings - so that made perfect sense. - rlh