The Rock Star


Original Air Date: 7/25/18 on Youtube Premium.  Episode 4
Starring: Carly Craig, Roseanna Arquette, Chelsea Frei, Craig Frank
Guest Stars: Rick Springfield, Penny Johnson Jerald, Alice Lee, Andy Gale

Director: Erin Ehrlich
Rick's Character Name:  Rick Springfield
Synopsis: Olivia dates one of Jim's geeky co-workers, Mary goes out with a celebrity, and Jayne has serious mother-in-law issues.

According to US

Mary goes on a dating app for celebrities and gets a date with Rick Springfield (more about this later). Her daughters think she's getting catfished, and oh yea Jayne asks  "who's Rick Springfield". Olivia goes on to explain that he's the singer of Jessie's Girl.  Jayne asks "what are you guys even going to do" and Mary says "I don't know, some rockstar sh*t". Don't wait up for me, I'm bringing out the leather".
She shows up at Rick's house, he invites her in for drinks, and pours her some wheat grass.  She asks if he's going to put some tequila in that, and he expains that he quit drinking and that his ex-girlfriend had turned him on to that drink and it made him feel better than drugs. She asked when they broke up and he says it was 3 weeks ago, and they were trying to keep it private so a friend had suggested the dating app and she was his first date.  She suggests that they take the wheat grass drinks to go and have some fun, and Rick tells her that he just doesn't feel like going out right now and suggests that they order in.  Cheers to that.
He shows her around his house, where the grandkids stay when they are in town and when he goes to show her the guest room, it's a mess.  It's full of his ex's (Tara) stuff.  He had called her to come get it, but she won't take his calls. Mary asks him if he ever thought about throwing it all away and he said he tried but he couldn't do it. She explains that she felt the same way after her husband died, but after she threw away the first thing, it made her feel free.  Then she takes a piece of clothing and hurls it off the balcony.  After asking "what are you doing" Mary tries to make a game out of it, hitting the mailbox was worth 10 points. He tells her he hasn't had that much fun in a long time.  She asks him out of all the girls on the dating app, why her.  He tells her that after having a 28 year old ripping his heart out, he thought he'd try someone closer to his own age.  She reminds him that she is 15 years younger than he is. After making out, she says that she has to go, which comes to a surprise to Rick.  She explains to him that he's still in love with his ex.  She tells him "we don't have to do anything" but she tells him to call her in a couple of months.  As she leaves she says about the yard that it looks like someone had a party.  He said he'd have it cleaned up in the morning. She asked him if he was going to put it all back in the room and he said probably.  She took one of the pink crocks so that if they got back together as least she wouldn't be wearing those anymore.  The other storylines in the episode were Jayne's mother in law coming to visit and Olivia going out on a date with a doctor, that Jayne set up.

So, Rick Springfield playing Rick Springfield - I don't get it.  Especially since it was done once in Californication.  Why not just have him be a ficticious Rock Star.  In real life, Rick is married, doesn't have grand kids, and lives in Malibu. They did use his real age in his profile info. But it's just really weird.  Putting that aside, I thought this was a really good performance on his part.  And besides dating 28 year olds, I did like he that he didn't play a creep. There were a lot of mannerisms this Rick Springfield displayed that felt familiar, especially the face in hands thing. 



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