Original Air Date: 10/30/77 on ABC
Starring: Lee Majors, Richard Anderson, Martin E. Brooks
Guest Stars:
Robert Loggia, Susanne Charny
Co-Starring: Rick Springfield and Paul D'Amato
Director: Don McDougall
Rick's Character name:

Synopsis: Steve Austin goes undercover as a Roller Derby player.

Roller Derby! The show starts when Niles (Rick) and another guy on the opposing team are sent to take out a new player - Phil Taylor (who is skating with what appears to be a bowl on his head). When Niles attempts to knock Phil out, he gives Niles some type of gas and throws Niles off the track (appropriately with the dumna dumna dumna music playing ).

Later Nile�s unconscious in the hospital with a 'broken leg'. It turns out that Phil did it to get selected by the manager of the team Niles was skating for (as Steve is working undercover as Phil). 

Back in the hospital Niles wants to know why he's still in the hospital. After being shown an x-ray Niles calls Hendricks to tell him it is a scam and he really is not injured but Hendricks reveals he already knows and knows the Phil is an undercover agent. 

Escapades ensue that involve four of the skaters (including Phil) dressing in Halloween costumes and infiltrating the Pentagon on roller skates. With perhaps the oddest moment being that one of them takes the time to blow a glass bubble to help deactivate an alarm. Of course the good guy wins out and Steve saves the day and hits on the girl. Unfortunately Niles is not seen again so we'll just have to assume he made it out of the hospital OK. - Jen H.
I had a really hard time watching this show from start to finish because it was really boring and some of the acting was just incredibly bad. There was not much Rick content either. Could that possibly be because he upset the director when he whacked himself in the eye with the skate? See Soaptalk for details. lol The whole premise of breaking in to the OSB with Halloween costumes was just ridiculous and it just got worse from there.I loved the mischievous look Niles/Rick got on his face when they were told by the coaches to take #37(Steve Austin) out. I think I've seen that mischievous grin several times since. Rick looked really young and really good in those skating pants. I would have enjoyed the show alot more if I could have seen him go around that rink a few more times. I liked his hair, too. It actually reminded me of my husband's senior picture because all the guys wore their hair that way at that time and my husband's hair was the same color.....back then. -  Elizabeth S.
I was not as thrilled with this episode as I had thought I would be. It was totally boring and drags on and on for me. It did not have the excitement factor I thought it would. I remember how I was a HUGE fan of this show when I was a kid. I watched it on a regular basis and remember how I thought Steve Austin was "IT!" (I even had the Steve and Oscar "Barbie" dolls �and still do have them stashed away in a box somewhere. That is how much I loved this show.) I am wondering if this particular episode was just one of those that happened to be "blah," as is the case sometimes with any TV series. They can't ALL be the best episode ever. I just hate that Rick's guest appearance was in one of the not-so-good shows/stories. It's been so long ago, that I only vaguely remember this one, and I sure didn't have a clue back then who Rick Springfield was. 

That being said�I do think Rick did a good job with what he was given, especially with this being his first acting job. He looked adorable as always with his 70's hair and boyish face. I like how you can still hear his Aussie accent a bit. I know he said he had voice classes right before this time, but I can still hear it somewhat. He was still "working" on it I guess and trying to polish up his new American accent. 

One of the funniest stories I've heard from him yet was his discussion on Soap Talk about how he blacked his eye with the roller skate filming this show. LOL That was hilarious I thought. We all know what a klutz he can be and how ungraceful he is at times. (I say that with complete love, because I too am a total klutz! ) And he said the directors were pretty upset with him because he lied and said he could skate, when in fact he couldn't. Well, it sure looked to me like he could skate, when I saw this show! But that is TV for you. Maybe they "fixed" it to look like he was actually skating around the rink. I only wish he'd had more than just a few scenes. Now THAT would have made this episode of Six Million Dollar Man more exciting�..seeing his beautiful face gracing the screen throughout.  - Kelley Pearson
I actually remember watching these shows when I was a little girl. This actual episode that Rick appeared in does not seem familiar to me, but the opening credits and music bring back such memories! 

As usual, Rick does not appear often enough and for very long in any scene that he's in. Darn, I was hoping for a show filled with Rick but as in all shows he appears in, right up to GH, he is rarely there. 

Overall, I thought this episode pretty much sucked, except, of course, when Rick showed up ;-) but it seemed long and drawn out and the story line just didn't do anything for me. I know I do have to take into consideration that this was taped in the 70's and I can't expect much from that era, but all in all, I really didn't like it.

Rick's cute young boy face and his hair still do something for me, even now. Although I didn't care for the episode much, he still looked and sounded great.  - Amy L.