Rock Never Dies


Original Air Date: 12/01/16 on The CW.  Season 12,  Episode 7
Starring: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard
Guest Stars: Rick Springfield, Woody Jeffreys, Sandy Sidhu, Kadeem Hardison, Crystal Allen,

Director: Eduardo Sanchez
Rick's Character Name:  Vince Vincente/Lucifer
Synopsis: Lucifer realizes that as Vince Vincente, he can get his fans to do whatever he wants. Thrilled with this power, he arranges a VIP concert in order to kill them. Sam, Dean and Castiel enter the underbelly of the music industry to stop him.

According to US

Two "devil worshipers" summon Satan, and Vince shows up.  The had the misfortune of actually finding a stone, that was real.  Vince uses this to heal himself.  He immediately snaps the neck (with his fingers) of the guy that wasn't taking it seriously, and then when the other guy says "you can't be Satin, you're Vince Vincente. My Mom Loves you.  You're kinda famous".  He snaps his neck too. He does like the fact that he's famous (kinda not paying attention to the "kinda" part). Next thing you know, Vince's band Ladyheart has signed a new deal. Lucifer is not interested in the music, he's interested in the Worship. He's hooked up with a former groupie.  "Tell me Roseleen.  Tell me"   The he asks her how much she loves him and what would she do for him.  She of course says "anything".  He pulls out a switchblade and asks "would you bleed?" She carves his name into her chest. Groupies are stupid.  Constance (the PR person) wants to plan a small capacity concert to create some buzz.  She says the tickets will be mostly geared toward the die-hards.  Vince says that he's had is fill of the die hards, "they already love me".  He wants fresh blood.
"Tonight's show's gonna kill" - just another one of those double meaning lines.  Sitting in the limo, outside the venue, when the promotor tells Vince that he owns him, Vince makes him stab himself in the throat with a pen. Then he says 'well, see ya'll inside...." Constance gets out of the limo and says "I quit".  Tommy gets smart and texts Agent Beyonce (Castiel) and tells him they are at Club Meteor.   After Vince snaps 2 of the band members and turns to Tommy, Castiel and Crowley show up.  After some back and forth, they ask him why.  "Because it's fun.  Because I can. And because being Lucifer, so much Judeo Christian baggage. But Vince, he's famous.  Everybody loves him. And I need love.  I had a really jacked childhood." After trying to get the crowd to leave. Dean shoots a gun in the air, and the crowd runs toward the door.  Apparently Lucifer has Daddy issues.  But Lucifer's vessel, Vince, quickly decayed until Lucifer had to leave to find another. And I swear, that run tht Vince died on, looked a lot like the rug that was used during some of Rick's shows.
I don't know why I liked this role so much.  Lucifer was a real dick.  But there was a lot of really good lines, and I though Rick played them really well.  The sacarasm and attitude he had was so good - rlh 

Bloody Mesiah - Ladyheart