Til Dad Do Us Part

Original Air Date: 3/09/79 on NBC
Starring: Sharon Gless and John Shuck
Co- Stars: 
Jorge Cervera,  Rick Springfield, Peggy Converse,  William Larsen, Anne Bloom, and Stuart Nisbet.
Director: William P. D'Angelo
Rick's Character name:
Rick James

This was a mid-season replacement show for NBC.  The Disney Channel later released a movie called "The Magic Statue"  with the Pilot and 3 of the episodes (this being one of them).  That is why in the acting credits, it's often listed as "The Magic Statue" instead of Turnabout.

Series Synopsis: This is based on a 1930's novel by Thorne Smith (also author of Topper). Penny wishes her life were more like hubby Sam's. And he wishes much the same about his wife. Each thinks the other has the easier life and both wish one night that they could be each other, to have an easier life. Of course dreams don't come true, especially idle ones! Or do they??? 
Unfortunately, Penny bought a small statuette from a gypsy, unaware that it had the power to grant wishs. As fast as you can say "presto-chango," their personalities swap bodies. 
Actually, it happened overnight, while they slept, as shown in the opening animated credits and the pilot episode. Their astral dream selves are liberated by the statue during the night, and for a lark, they both agree to finish sleeping in the other's bodies, thinking it all a strange dream!) 
But it was no dream! More like a nightmare! 
When they wake up, Sam is inside Penny's body and she is inside of his! Once the shock wears off, and they realize the dream-like situation isn't going to wear off, they both must pretend to the outside world that they are the spouse they appear to be. Each must adapt to the gender they now possess, all the while experiencing the "joys" and occasional "pains" of living out each other lives as the opposite sex! 
(taken from tvtome.com)

Episode Synopsis: Penny's sister, Valerie, stops to visit along with her boyfriend (Rick Springfield) on their way to Vegas to get married.  Sam convinces them to stay and get married at their house. Their father is not very happy and threatens to skip the wedding.