Release Year: 4/18/98 (shown on HBO in 1997?)
Cast: Parker Stevenson, Terry Farrell, Corey Feldman, Rick Springfield, Audie England, 
Gretchen Palmer, Trevor Goddard, Elston Ridgle, Tricia Peters, and Troy Donahue
Director: Jon Hess
Categories: Sci Fi
Running Time: 97 minutes
Rick's Character Name: Corporal Ryan


"Alien Meets the Dirty Dozen"

Its the years 2036. War is raging on earth and its spilled out into the vastness of space. Both sides are evenly matched and the war is kind of at a stalemate, but billions have died. Some of those that die weren't killed in combat. The army is executing soldiers for a variety of crimes. Captain Aldrich is one such soldier. He's a highly skilled warrior but he disobeyed orders and pulled his men out of a no win situation. For that he is to die. (Damn...UCMJ is tough!*) Aldrich is given a choice by his former commander "Colonel" Flemming. Go on a dangerous mission with other convicts or go into the death chamber. Aldrich chooses to go on the mission. (if he didn't it would be a really short movie)

The mission is led by Major Agatha Doyle. Doyle is given a team of really screwed up convict soldiers. In addition to Aldrich there's Poe, a constantly angry killer; Cutter, a drug addict and rapist; Jones...a medic that worships DEATH; Carlson, a nymphomaniac engineer; Goodis, convicted of killing soldiers that raped her; Koosman, a pilot that stole a ship; Siegel, a weasley computer hacker; and Ryan. I can't remember what Ryan was convicted for. Maj. Doyle, herself as a bug up her ass. She lost an entire battalion on a previous mission and is eager to succeed in this one to impress Flemming.

The mission is to destroy an enemy refueling base on some hellish planet. Surprisingly, Doyle is willing to go right to it with this motley band. Now, Doyle is an attractive woman. She's also the only non-convict person on the mission. I don't know about you, but I'd think she'd be more concerned with her own safety. Screw the mission! She's alone and in command of a group of convicted killers, rapists and psychopaths. Funk Dat! Even the medic, Jones, constantly talks about Death as her only commander. Would you go anywhere with these people?

When the team arrives on the planet they find the base deserted. There's a room full of bodies in various states of decay. Bodies of other soldiers. Its painfully obvious to the audience, but not the characters, that someone or something killed all of these guys and it wasn't enemy troops. Fortunately each soldier carries a "black box" recorder. Siegal gets to work on one of them. Its information is encrypted so it takes time to decode. Meanwhile, the mysterious something begins to snuff our heroes one by one. (You won't be shocked to know that Carlson buys it first as she's the nympho) Siegal and Doyle discover that the dead troops were convicts. Just like them. But they keep this information from the others long enough for most of them to get killed. Suspicion is cast on Poe, who runs away. But Poe isn't the killer. I won't tell you who it is, but suffice it to say that its one of the team that is presumed dead.

When it comes to the end, the only two left alive are Doyle and Aldrich. Flemmings and a relief team land on the planet and that's when Flemming tells them the truth. The monster, Legion, is a genetic experiment to create a perfect killing machine. This will change the balance of power in the war. Doyle and her group were sent to test Legion's ability against actual soldiers. (One of many tests it seems considering the bodies piled up in the base) Unfortunately, since this project is all hush hush, Doyle and Aldrich are to be killed. Well, Major Doyle takes a dim view of that idea. Just before Flemming's men can kill our heroes, she grabs a rifle from one of them as Aldrich disables another one. Bullets fly and within seconds only Aldrich and Doyle are left standing. They take Flemming's shuttle and disappear. Reports are that they are listed as Missing in Action.
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I had to watch this movie twice to really be able to do a review on it.� Science Fiction is not my "thing".� However, I do have to say that this a pretty cool flick. In my opinion, the movie starts out relatively slow, but then once it gets going and the storyline progresses, it is tolerable.� When the characters are first introduced, my first thought was that Rick was portraying another psychotic (a la' Dead Reckoning). But, alas he quickly becomes just another nervous member of the mission to hunt down this "Legion".

Some parts of the movie come across as comical and I believe Rick is in most of those scenes.� One of the female members of the mission has a thing for Ryan (Rick). He has two short, but steamy scenes with her.
I hate to give away anything to anyone if you haven't watched this yet, but as the movie continues, it becomes obvious that the "Legion" is a person among the group in the mission.� Some of the gang start to be killed off one by one, and it really starts to get interesting.� Eventually Ryan/Rick is sent off on an investigative mission.� As luck would have it, his character is "killed off" and I thought: well, there goes the movie for me!� Not to be one to give up on it, I continued to watch anyway, and lo and behold~~ Ryan is not dead!� He is the "Legion"!!� It was so weird to see Rick with that mask and have his voice coming out of such a horrid looking creature.� Unfortunately the Legion/Ryan is killed in the end and the finale is quite sudden. Overall, I would say that the movie is quite interesting and definitely one to see.- Amy L.