Air Date: 3/8/98 (Fox Family Channel - before ABC)
Cast: Joan Van Ark, Nick Mancuso, Lloyd Bochner, Rick Springfield, Donald Diamont, and Corbin Bernsen
Director: Mark Sobel
Categories: Drama
Running Time: 96 minutes
Film Location:
Vancouver, Canada
Rick's Character Name: Senator Lowell Barclay


Synopsis 1:
Political thriller involving a hostage situation in the White House. A frustrated senior general takes matters into his own hands when the President fails to intervene in a crisis in the Middle East. The female Vice President and a determined secret service agent attempt to stop the situation from erupting into full scale war.
The Vice President's Husband (Rick) goes on a trip with her son to a delegation in Zurich and a bomb is on the plane.  They must disarm it before the military decides to blow up the plane to save other lives in danger.

Synopsis 2

During what should be a quiet Memorial Day weekend, the President of the United States secretly faces a military crisis in the Middle East. His overzealous Chairman of the Joint Chiefs incites a mutiny within the White House, holding staff members hostage, before proceeding to take command of a covert military operation. 

Meanwhile, a determined Secret Service agent teams with the female Vice President in an effort to avert a global firestorm and restore order to the American Government. It�s Die Hard at the White House. Tense and unrelenting action with a topical twist. An excellent film.