Eileen Louise Springthorpe

December 13, 1920 -  December 21, 2016


I wrote this short song on the day my Mum passed away, to be played at her memorial

and I wanted to share it with you. I didn't realize her spirit

would be so present during our whole trip to Australia after she died. Amazing stuff.  - Love, Rick


Four Billion Heartbeats:

I'm a little kid lost, alone and confused

My Mummy died

My Mummy died

I woke in the night to the terrible news

Mummy you died, I'm broken inside

Thought I was made of stronger stuff

Believed I could weather a storm this rough

Four billion heartbeats still weren't enough

And, Mummy you died

Mummy you died

I know that you're free, you're all light

You walk hand in hand with my father again, tonight





















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