1 What was Rick's first single to chart on the American Charts? Name the two soap operas Rick has appeared in. What does "MPD" stand for? True or False- Rick Springfield was the last star to have a #1 song without the help of MTV. What Las Vegas show did Rick star in beginning in January 2001? What animal does Rick have tattooed on his right shoulder?
2 3.)What song knocked "Jessie's Girl" out of the #1 spot? What was Rick's character's name and profession on General Hospital? What was the name of the 1973 Cartoon series that featured Rick and his music? What is the name of Rick's dog that is featured on the cover of the Working Class Dog and Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet albums? According to Rick during a "bit" that he does during EFX, Where and When did Rick play his first concert in America? How old was Rick when he received his first guitar?
3 Where was the LP  Comic Book Heroes recorded? Who starred in the movie Dying to Dance with Rick as his anorexic daughter? According to VH1's "Behind the Music" what was the name of the band Rick toured with to entertain troops in 1968? What neck size was the shirt that Rick went into a store to buy for Ron for the cover shoot of WCD? What nickname has Rick's band members penned him with? What is Rick's real name?
4 What famous musician was Rick's inspiration in playing rock music? What former Knot's Landing star co-starred in two made for TV movies with Rick? What country did Rick go to in order to entertain soldiers?


In 1985, what world-wide charitable concert did Rick perform at? What is the name of Rick's dog featured on the cover of KARMA? What is the date of the death of Rick's Dad?
5 What Rick Springfield song contains the word moot? What was the foreign title of the movie Nick Knight? What is Rick's favorite coffee house? When did Rick get married? Name the town and venue that was the kick-off show for the Karma Tour. What is Rick's Birth date?
6 What duet did Rick perform with Cheryl Ladd on her special? What Aaron Spelling production did Rick make 4 appearances on before it was cancelled? What was Rick's first label in the United States? What category did Rick win a Grammy for in 1981? What is the name of Rick's current tour manager (2001)? Where was Rick born?
7 What Beatles song did Rick cover while with the band Zoot? What City did Noah Drake move to when Rick Springfield left General Hospital? Rick was a contract actor for what television studio in the 70's? What former Knot's Landing star covered one of Rick's songs? What 2000 commercial did Rick appear in ? True of False: Rick is a vegetarian.
8 What was the inspiration for the song "Rock of Life"? What city did the main portion of Hard to Hold take place in? What 1970's Exorcist star did Rick once date? What location was used for the "I've Done Everything for You" video? In 1999, Rick starred in what musical on Broadway? Who was Rick's first crush on?
9 What is the subject matter of the song Dance This World Away? What ailment did Bobbie Spencer fake to get Noah Drake to say "I love you"? What variety show did Rick make his American television debut? Where was Live and Kickin' filmed? If Rick is given a bouquet of roses during a concert, what is he likely to do with them? How many siblings does Rick have?
10 From the song Jessie's Girl, what is "Jessie's" real-life name? True or False - Dr. Noah Drake performed only one operation, and the patient died. Who does Rick think conspired in killing JFK? True or False - Rick appeared nude in Playgirl. What Christmas song did Rick perform on the Mark and Brian Radio show in December 2000? Rick has lived in three countries, name them.
11 Other than "Don't Talk to Strangers", what Springfield song does he use the line "Don't Talk to Strangers? What was the name of the episode that Rick did the voice over for the cartoon Johnny Bravo? How did Rick meet his wife? What was the name of Rick's tour for the TAO album? What four famous people does Rick portray in the stage spectacular EFX Alive? What is Rick's wife's name?
12 Who wrote "I've Done Everything for you"? Where was the first 
season of High Tide filmed?
True or False - Hard to Hold was the first time Rick exposed his naked butt in public? What song would fans recognize as the "naked butt song"? What was the name of the band/CD that Rick, Bob Marlette and Tim Pierce created in the 1990's? What are the names of Rick's children?
13 What is Rick's song Bruce about? Which 70's show did Rick make two guest appearance's on? Who was the song "Guenevere" written about? True or false, Rick has never been on the cover of TV Guide What name brand guitar does Rick use in his live shows? What was Rick's nickname as a child?
14 What song did Rick perform at the USO benefit held in Las Vegas in 11/2001? What was the theme of Rick's High Tide series? On VH1's "The List", who did Rick list as the best 70's artist? What song did Rick perform on Dick Clark's American Bandstand's 33 1/3  Special? True of False - Rick Springfield has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. What is Rick's shoe size?
15 What album did Polygram Records put out without Rick's permission, with music they added themselves. What Xena star appeared on two episodes of High Tide? When did Rick move to America to promote his career? What was Rick's beginning salary when he started on General Hospital? In the year 2001, how did Rick break his arm? True or False - Fruity Booty is the name of a snack that Rick eats.
16 What was the name of the song Rick wrote expressing his disappointment in the reviews from his Living in Oz album? What 4 rock stars co-starred with Rick on an episode of Martial Law? What rumor caused Rick's musical career to disappear in the '70's? True or False - Rick and Barbara flew to Australia to get married. What morning show did Rick perform live on during the Summer of 2000? How tall is Rick?
17 What song contains the word "suss"? On General Hospital, Noah Drake and Tiffany Hill had a much talked about love scene that involved what fruit? What is unique about the photos on the Alive CD? When Rick's character on General Hospital left town, who was the last person he asked to move with him? When performing on the Today Show, Rick performed 4 songs, which one did not air? How old was Rick when he changed his last name to "Springfield"?
18 What is the full name of Rick's childhood friend that he wrote the song "Me and Johnny" about? On General Hospital, which of these 4 characters 
did Dr. Drake not sleep with? Bobbie Spencer, Anne 
Logan, Tiffany Hill, or 
Stacy (the nurse)?
In October 2000, what Comedy Central game show did Rick appear on and lose a Rick-trivia contest to a fan? Why did Rick cancel his Rock of Life Tour in 1988? During his concerts, what does Rick do with an audience member during his song "I Get Excited"? What two pieces of jewelry does Rick always wear?
19 What is the name of the song Rick performed on the Iron Eagle II Soundtrack? What is the name of the first major motion picture Rick starred in? What was the name of Rick's official fan club (through 2005)? What were the two "working titles" for Hard to Hold?  What brand of tennis shoes does Rick wear now? Rick has admitted to wearing cologne one time a year - what cologne is it?
20 What Beatle's song did Rick include in a portion of EFX, to pay tribute to George Harrison, shortly after he died? What was the name of the movie in which Rick played a psychotic, rapist, murderer? What was Rick's first non-cartoon acting gig? What was the name of Rick's band in the '80's? What is the name of Rick's current band (2001)? What bone did Rick break during the Christmas holidays in 1975?
21 What does the French verse in Don't Talk to Strangers mean? What former "Lost in Space" child star played one of Rick's band members in Hard to Hold? What are the names of the managers that brought Rick over to America? True or False, when Rick hit it big again in the 80s, he requested that the teen magazines not do stories on him. During Rick's live shows,  he often performs a medley of some of his hits.  What songs begin and end the Medley? What is Rick's astrological sign?
22 Rick has said that the song "Kristina" was written for PK Cole.  Who is she? What TV Pilot, starring Joel Grey and Jane Leeves did Rick guest star on, playing a man who murdered his wife. What songwriting duo does Rick credit at being an early influence? What brand of tennis shoes did Rick often wear in the 1980's? What was the release date for shock/denial/anger/
What musical instruments do Rick's kids play?
23 What song contains the line "la raison d'�tre"? When Rick guest starred on "The Incredible Hulk", what profession was his character? What cosmetic change did Rick's record company make to the picture on the back cover of Beginnings? What uniform did "James Roberts" dress up in, to meet "Diana's" dad in Hard to Hold? What 2001 movie included the song Love is Alright, Tonite? What is Rick's Mom's name?
24 Who was the song "Free" written for? What was Rick's character's name on Human Target?


What graphics program does Rick use to design his merchandise/t-shirt? Patti Hansen, Rick's co-star in Hard to Hold is married to what Rock Star?  What city did Rick play host to a celebrity tennis tournament/fundraiser, taking over for Michael Landon? True or False - Rick has a degree in music literature.
25 Rick has said that the song "Free" was only the second song that "has come through him" when he was writing it.  What was the first? What movie role, about a 1950's rocker from Lubbock, was Rick once considered for? What former agent of Rick's was also in the helicopter crash that killed Stevie Ray Vaughan? What Made for TV movie did Rick write the theme song (of the same name)? What charity organization in Arizona has a room dedicated to
Rick's father, Norman Springthorpe?
True or False - Rick appeared in a calendar that Linda Blair created to raise money for "Pet Theft Awareness".
26 What two songs did Rick write for EFX? What were Mick and Joey's parents names on High Tide? In 1974, what company sponsored a contest for High Schools where the winning prize was a concert with Rick opening for the Raspberries. What famous guitar player did Rick "blow off" at Live Aid because he was too shy to talk to him? What breed of a dog is Scooby? What type of Martial Arts has Rick studied?
27 Taxi Dancing was actually written as a demo for what album, before making it on Hard to Hold? What star of the movie "A Clockwork Orange" was once an acting coach for Rick? Rick has described his Vegas show "EFX Alive" as "______ on acid"  Fill in the blank. Whose voice is used on the Tao album for the "Who's There" part between Celebrate Youth and State of the Heart? What country was the cd "Karma" released in first? What musician does Rick attribute to introducing him to Buddhism?
28 What is the name of the "unlisted" track at the end of Karma? What talk show did Rick appear celebrating General Hospital's 30 year anniversary? What Academy Award winning actress has admitted to having a crush on Rick when she was younger, and even left a note on his car? What did Rick smash with his guitar in the Jessie's Girl video? What current pop-star (2001) enjoys Rick's Greatest Hits CD and keeps it close to her CD Player? What is Rick's favorite piece of classical music?
29 What song does Rick consider his best written song, lyrically? On what 90's sitcom did Rick make two appearances? What X rated movie starring Mark Wahlberg featured the song Jessie's Girl in a pivotal scene? In which video did Rick's wife make an appearance? In 2001, what two songs did Rick dedicate to Marni O'Doherty, a fan who lost her life in the World Trade Center attack on 9/11/01? What is Rick's favorite food indulgence?
30 What Brady Bunch star has sung a duet with Rick? What city were Silent Motive and Dead Reckoning filmed ? True or False - At the beginning of his career, Rick was so shy, he would play guitar with his back to the audience. What was the name of the video release that featured Rick in Concert during 1985? Rick participated in a Mardi Gra parade and was given what title? What musical instrument did Rick's Mom have him play before he got a guitar?
31 Who was the inspiration for Love Somebody? What common event occurred in the plots of Silent Motive, Dead Reckoning and Just Deserts? According to Rick, what's the wackiest thing anyone has ever thrown at him on stage? What did the original cover of Working Class Dog look like? From 1998-2001, what song did Rick most often open his concerts with? Before Rick received his first guitar and decided to be a musician, what occupation did he want to be?
32 What song did Allison Durbin record that was written by Rick? What actress was the first to read with Rick for his General Hospital role? After coming to the U.S. in 1972, what year did Rick return to perform in Australia for the first time? Which one of Rick's song did Scott Baio cover? What song did Rick re-record for the Alive Video? What year did Rick Move to Malibu?
33 What lyric change was made in the Song "Rhythm of the Beat" after the first couple of weeks of the opening of EFX Alive? How many seasons did High Tide run? What was the name of the show on VH1, where 3 fans got to fulfill their teenage dream? What was unique about the Celebrate Youth video? How many copies of the limited edition "Greatest Hits Alive" were there?  How old was Rick when his family moved from Australia to England?
34 What was the first single released from Working Class Dog? What holiday was the setting for Rick's appearance on Nancy Drew? Jessie's Girl made VH1's countdown of the 33 Top Bar songs.  What number was it? What did Rick use in place of drums when he recorded the demo for Jessie's Girl? Which one of Rick's band members is in charge of his online merchandise? What color are Rick's eyes?
35 Where were the demos for Working Class Dog recorded (city and state)? What was the profession of Rick's character in the movie Silent Motive? What famous "cookbook queen" did Rick do a "bit" about on the History Channel? What is the location of the wall that the graffiti was written on in the Jessie's Girl video? During the NYE performance of EFX for 2001, what song did Rick end the show with? What was Ron's nickname?
36 According to Rick, what is the "universal equation"? In the Disney movie "The Magic Statue" what was Rick's character's profession? Ray Parker, Jr's song "The Other Woman" was inspired by which of Rick's songs? Why is the name "Jessie" spelled using the feminine spelling in the song Jessie's Girl? What connection did Rick have with the Movie Ocean's 11? Who is Rick's Favorite guitar player?
37 What song did Rick Perform on Dance Fever? What city was the setting for "Change of Place"? According to Rick, what is the message (moral) from EFX? Who Directed the Jessie's Girl video? What restaurant did Rick and Suzannne Sena dine at when he was interviewed for E!s "Out to Lunch"? What acting role did Rick turn down that he wished he had taken?
38 Who presented Rick with his Grammy in 1982? During the 1st season of High Tide, what was the license plate for Mick's Caddy? True or False - Rick has never been a guest on Politically Incorrect. What Today Show host interviewed Rick twice in the 80's?  When Rick made an appearance on Live with Regis and Kathy Lee - who was filling in for Kathy Lee that day? What cold remedy did Rick's mom  give him when he was sick as a child?
39 What artist turned down recording "I've Done Everything For You" before Rick recorded it? Why did Rick not star in the TV version of Nick Knight? Rick did a duet with Maggie Brandon, what is his connection with her? When Rick was a guest VJ on MTV in the 80's, who was his special guest on the show? What city was Rick in when he made someone's dream come true on "Dream Maker" with Richard Simmons? What is the date of Rick's parent's anniversary?
40 What "Former Child Actor" did Rick co-write a song with? What connection does Rick have to the cast of Gilligan's Island? Who hosted Rick's A&E biography special? What daytime talk show did Rick make several appearances on in the 80's? In VH1's special "VH1 Across American", which former survivor hosted the show, and did an interview with Rick by the pool at the MGM? What famous comedienne played a hand in helping Rick get his green card?
41 From what movie is the dialog from that is playing in the background during the song "Born Out of Time"? How old was Mick Barrett in High Tide? What was the name of the dog in the Recording Studio with Rick during the recording of Comic Book Heroes? What year did the Human Touch  video take place? True or False - One of the names Rick was considering for the cd "Karma" was Beautiful Death. What breed mix was Ron?
42 What 3 Jimi Hendrix songs has Rick covered in concert?  In High Tide, what was the age difference between Mick and Joey? True or False - Rick has never been a guest on Rock N Roll Jeopardy. In the 80's, Rick liked to kick his tour off in a specific state - for good luck.  What state was it? What was the nickname given to the studio where Rick recorded SDAA? Coke or Pepsi?
43 With what song did Rick open up the 2004 sdaa tour? Three of the actresses from Robin's Hoods went on to appear with Rick again.  What are the details? What country did Rick travel  to perform in 2005? What was the most expensive part of the video shoot for Jessie's Girl? What song does the band often play while the girls are being cleared off the stage (and Rick sometimes running for his life) after I Get Excited is over? What brand of underwear does Rick usually wear?
44 What two instrumental tracks has Rick included on his cd's over the years? True or False - Rick has done a scene with Elizabeth Taylor True or False - Rick has never used the same girls name more than once in a song. What was Noah's apartment "#"? A lot of people think of shock/denial/anger acceptance as the 4 stages of death.  Rick says it is the 4 stages of what? True or False - Rick is not a citizen of the United States.
45 What songwriter, who has co-written with Aersomith, has also co-written with Rick? According to Mick Barrett's driver's license, what color are his eyes? What two dogs are featured in the photos inside the cd insert for SDAA?  According to the tour book, who was Rick's drummer during his 1984 World Tour? Rick has covered the song Gloria many times during his live show.  Early in 2002 he started improvising and came up with a scenario between he and Gloria.  What house of the room is the setting?  What did Rick say was the most memorial moment of his career?
46 According to Rick, what is the only party song that he's ever written?  During what episode of High Tide were fans first exposed to Rick's new tattoo? In the opening music for the SDAA tour, there is some dialog from what movie? Who played drums during the Live Aid performance? What track from SDAA was a demo track recorded in Vegas?  What piece of Titanic memorabilia does Rick own?
47 What new, unreleased song did Rick start opening his concerts with in 2006?  What date did Rick return to General Hospital? In 2004, who was named CEO of Rick's record company?  What item from the 80's did Rick bring on tour with him in 2006? Between 1998 and 2004, what venue did Rick perform at the most times? When Rick was a child, where did he play, that all the dogs in the neighborhood would follow him?
48 What new (non demo) song was added to the expanded 25th anniversary edition of Working Class Dog? What was Noah's wife's (Patrick's mother) name? What was Rick's first car he owned in America? Who's name is written on the wall in the Jessie's Girl video? What is the name of the blonde daytime tv actress that sang during Don't Talk to Strangers at the Daytime Emmys (2006)? What kind of operation did Rick have in 2005?
49 What "Who" song did Rick add to his set list in 2006? In What Acting Project did Rick accidentally give himself a black eye? In 2004, what entertainment Host did a story about her crush on Rick? What was the actor's name who played "Jessie" in the Jessie's Girl video? What song was included on the 2005 release "Anthology, Written in Rock" and also on "The Day After Yesterday"?  What kind of piggy bank did Rick have in the 70's?
50 Rick turned down two different offers from bands before joining zoot - what bands where they? What Gum Company often sponsored the 1st season of High Tide What band did a remake of Jessie's Girl, and had Rick appear in the video? What was the name of the song Rick performed on General Hospital? What other acts did Rick tour with on the "We are the 80's Tour What political party has Rick associated himself with?
51 Several songs from Venus In Overdrive were written in memory of this fan, what is her name? On what TV Land sitcom did Rick guest star? What is the name of Rick�s autobiography? What is the name of Rick�s solo tour that began in 2013? What is the name of Rick�s studio?
52 Who sang with Rick on The Man That Never Was? What was Rick�s character name in True Detective? What is the name of Rick�s novel? In 2014 Rick toured with an 80�s pop star, what is her name? What city and state did the �Butt Gate� trial occur?
53 How many versions of Songs for the End of the World were released? What was Rick�s occupation on Hawaii Five O? Who is the Star Trek star that interviewed Rick on the show, "Raw Nerve"? In what documentary did Rick appear that was produced and directed by Dave Grohl? What is in Rick�s glove box of his Corvette?
54 What song on Songs for the End of the World has fans singing the chorus? What Showtime show did Rick guest star in and play "Rick Springfield"? What musician makes Rick �scream like a little girl�? What is the name of the oscar winning actress that Rick co-starred with in Ricki and the Flash? While in Australia promoting Ricki and the Flash, what injury did Rick sustain?
55 Who is the country singer that co-wrote Craig Heath's song All Because of You that Rick was featured? What was Rick�s character name in Ricki and the Flash? On the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where is Rick�s star located? What is the name of the documentary about Rick's fans?

What is the date of the death of Rick's mother?

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How much do Rick's Fans love him?