Our star, Rick Springfield, sets out on an amazing journey through time through the eyes of four remarkable men (five if you count Rick himself). This stage spectacular starts out with The EFX Master, citing the journey and the constant message of the show "Listen To Your Heart".

We are greeted by a host of spectacular dancers accompanied by Rick singing Rhythm of the Beat as he hovers the stage on a flying saucer. This song alone gets you in the mood for a good time, you will want to sing and clap to "The Rhythm of the Beat".

What follows is a series of sorcery, evil characters, and a million-dollar fire-breathing dragon. The evil Morgana tempts a young King Arthur to the dark side. The wisdom of Merlin (Rick) prevails when he tells King Arthur to listen to his heart. This particular scene starts out with a enchanting display of a magical forest with fairies and ends with an awesome display of pyrotechnics.

Next, Rick transforms himself into the all around character, P.T. Barnum. This bright, exciting scene of the Intergalactic Circus of Wonders combines a traditional circus atmosphere with a cosmic twist. Dancers appear in the audience in outrageous costumes reflective of outer-space. The sphere is a great display of artistry with the cast performing inconceivable acrobatics while attached to a sphere 20-30 feet above the stage. Next is a fun part of the show where many cast members head out to the audience to dance and sing and it’s where we meet Rick Springfield, the rock star. Rick has incorporated his hit Human Touch into the show and it is well received.

Rick then performs a "fan" portion of the show where we get to hear snippets of a few of Rick’s hits including the number one, Grammy award winner, Jessie’s Girl. It also gives you a glimpse into the world of Rick’s live concerts.

Then, we turn to the dark side as Rick becomes master illusionist Harry Houdini. We witness a sťance and the MGM Grand's version of the famed Chinese water torture trick. A duet between Harry Houdini and his wife Bess is the second song written by Rick Springfield specifically for EFX, the message is love that lasts Forever.

Finally, Rick Springfield becomes the scholarly figure H.G. Wells as he travels back in time. To help guide him on his travels, the audience wears 3-D glasses and watches a two-minute 3-D movie on one of the world's largest screens ever, which is followed by H.G. Wells saving a damsel in distress.

The show ends with a spectacular dance number and Rick singing Let It Shine once again emphasizing, Listen To Your Heart.


EFX Master

Rhythm of the Beat

Line Drawing

The Magic That Surrounds You

The Sprite Dance

The Duel

The Intergalactic Circus of Wonders

Human Touch


HG Wells Laboratory

River in Time

Let is Shine