Ricktopia Interviews

First it was getting to know the band members. Then it was past band members. Then the list grew as Ricktopia, as if by magic, was able to find a way to interiew many, many people who have worked with Rick Springfield over the years. Jackie Zeman, Joan van Ark, Keith Howland, "Packy" and of course the infamous Bucky are just a few of the amazing people they have gained insight on for you, the fans. This special and amazing area of Ricktopia is not lost; all the interviews will be posted here for you to read over and over again.

Special thanks to Diana Stavroulakis for her help in converting these pages from Ricktopia's format our RLS format.


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Keith Howland

Ronnie GrinelI

Ronnie Grinel II

Matty Spindel

Dave Whiston I 

Dave Whiston II

Phil Ceccola

Derek Hilland I

Derek Hilland II 

Lance Morrison 

Timothy Drury

Jackie Zeman 

Doug Davidson

Joan Van Ark

Lee Goldberg

Maggie Brandon

Sal Salangsang

Sue Packard

Tina Walsh

Tod Goldberg