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Maggie Brandon

Maggie Brandon hails originally from California and comes from a musical family. She has seasoned her craft since childhood. She is a singer/songwriter who has written (co-written) over 150 songs of which over 80 have been recorded and produced. Maggie has performed her material live in front of audiences in Los Angeles, at venues including The China Club, The Whisky and The Roxy. Maggie, along with her song writing partner wrote songs that have ended up in TV movies and independent films including Showtime's "Deserts Edge," and a made for television film, "Empty Cradle."

Maggie ended up settling down in Las Vegas with her family and found work, in EFX ALIVE! She works with Rick, which has started her creative juices flowing, in "You Come to Me," a full-length CD.

Rick and Maggie perform a duet "This I Promise You For Life", on her new CD, You Come To Me. To listen to a sample of this song and other Maggie Brandon tunes (which are G-R-E-A-T!), visit her website at: www.maggiebrandon.com.

Meet Maggie Brandon...


How did you come to get the part of "Keri like the Lotion" in EFX Alive?

I went to an audition at the theater on Dec. 21st 2000. Amazingly there were only about 15 to 20 women there, all different types. Rick was there, seated with the director and stage manager and the like. He was in a booth by the front in a baseball cap and his glasses. They had us all sing a song of our choice we had prepared. They had asked for something rock/pop. I sang a song from the musical "Chess". They made cuts and then they had the remaining women read from the script, the Merlin and Morgana scene. They made further cuts and then the final women were asked to individually come out and sit on the edge of the stage with Rick and talk a little about themselves then the director explained what the part would require. They said they would be letting us know their decision in a day or two. They called me two hours later and offered me the job!!! And by the way it IS the BEST job I've ever had in my life!

How has performing in EFX Alive evolved for you?

Well the scene itself has grown. It used to be about ten minutes long. With all the ad-libs now, and different stuff the audience throws in, it can boarder on 20 min. plus. That's a long time to play nervous. I'm also the understudy for Tina and I can tell you that the first couple of months I used to get a little scared out there because Ricks fans in the audience could get so crazy. People were always jumping up in the middle of the scene and we'd have to improvise and it's a little nerve racking. I longed to play Tina's role where the audience couldn't interfere, ya' know , you just say your lines and play your part and no one is trying to compete with you or yelling at you to "Sit Down!". I used to have to sing "I am the warrior" in my head during "Human Touch" just to be brave enough to go up against you gals. Then I got to play Tina's part for a week last summer when she was out sick and let me tell you. I LOVE being KERI. I get to be with Rick being Rick. Playing his guitar, singing his music, relating to people. And the audience really cheers for Keri (Well , the ones who aren't green with envy) They get into the whole "Wow! Dreams really do come true!" Ya' know. 

What is your best memory of being in the show to date?

The night Rick told me he would sing the duet on my album!!!!! He is the best have no doubt!

Last CD you bought?

I was going to say Josh Grobin, but then I realized I just picked up "Speak to the Sky" in a bargain bin at Ross yesterday. That's funny.  

How does the show differ when Rick does not perform the lead?

Wouldn't know. I'm backstage watching "Friends". 

Do you have any quotes you live by?

"This too shall pass."  

What's your favorite Rick Springfield song?

"Itsalwaysomething" I love his ironic wit. It kills me. I really like "Karma" too, and of course "My Fathers Chair".  

What is your biggest daily challenge?

Promoting my CD. Other than that....My husband! 

If not Las Vegas and EFX Alive.....I would be ________________.

God only knows! 

Cup half empty or half full?

It's full, but I am very much a realist.  

Morning person or night owl?


Do You....Yahoo?

Not on the first date. 

9/11/01 - How has it changed you and the things you do?

Well it cut our number of shows in half. But on a personal note it just made me remeber the impermenance of it all. The strangest thing was I remember a conversation I had with Rick in the time machine about a week after the attack and commenting how the planes were flying again and everything was getting back to normal and how that felt so weird in itself. I guess thats the best way we can rally as Americans is just keep going. Keep loving and laughing and living free in this beautiful country.




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