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Timothy Drury

As you may know, Timothy Drury is a well known keyboardist, vocalist, guitarist, composer and songwriter. He is responsible for many music underscores, opening themes, background music and jingles too!

Timothy Drury is also the excellent photographer behind the new Rick Springfield Image Lamp and Collage being sold on ricksmerch.com. He has also photographed album covers in the past.

Here are some interesting things you may not know about Timothy:

  • Toured with both Don Henley (89-93) and The Eagles (94 - present)

  • Released his own debut solo CD (96). It can be ordered by clicking here www.netdreamteam.com/DRURY/order.html

  • Work can be found on the soundtrack to "Leaving Las Vegas" as well as on 2 Earthwave Production Documentary themes.

  • In addition to touring with Don Henley and The Eagles, Timothy appeared on The Eagles "Hell Freezes Over" CD as well as on Don Henley's "Kermit Unpigged" CD

  • Has appeared on television with Don Henley, The Eagles, Melissa Etheridge, Katey Segal, Bonnie Raitt

  • Has performed jingles, i.e., Diet Coke, Missouri Tourism (with Sheryl Crow)

  • Has photographed album covers, had his work shown at Pepsi World as well as having his work shown in galleries

Please Enjoy Ricktopia.com's interview with Timothy Drury: 

It is a bit of a stretch to go from keyboardist/singer and songwriter to professional photographer, what made you decide to pick up the camera and become a shutterbug?

You know, it's really not that far of a stretch. Taking pictures is like writing songs or singing in that you are trying to express some feeling and emotion (hopefully) and you are waiting for the right moment to express it with your skill and your heart and you use tools i.e. a camera or a guitar or your voice to make it happen. Instinct is the key in these and all arts I think. The beauty of photography for me is that I can go from the initial inspiration to the final print and do it alone. Music is a great collaborative pursuit which I love but sometimes I just want to see and feel and express my own pure vision and photography allows me to do that in a way that music cannot. It's also a great way to pass the time when you're on tour.

What is your favorite thing to photograph, still life, landscapes, people, fashion?

It used to be landscapes and architecture but now human faces and figures are really the only thing I'm inspired to shoot. So much depth there. At first it was intimidating for me to shoot people...landscapes were safer I guess, but the intimacy that occurs when you shoot someone can't be achieved when you shoot a sunset or a tree. 

Besides this newest project with Rick Springfield who else have you photographed?

I've concentrated on art photography primarily and as such I haven't pursued shooting famous people. The experience with Rick was so satisfying that I might pursue it a bit more now. 

How did you get involved with the Rick Springfield project? Is there any significance to the luminaries your photos are being used for?

Derek Hilland, Rick's keyboardist/vocalist started the ball rolling on this project. We had been writing some songs together and he happened to see my photo lamps at my home and was impressed. Being a smart guy with an entrepreneur's imagination he suggested creating some special lamps for Rick with shots that I would take. It sounded like a great idea to me so...voila. The significance lies in the life that the lamps give to the images. It was originally a way for me to display my work at galleries and photo shows but I have begun doing several private commissions for people who want their images to be illuminated. They really are beautiful in a dark room at night. Very warm. 

Are you currently working on any other special projects?

I'm concentrating on new lamp designs and preparing for a photo show here in Los Angeles at Borders Books in Canoga Park. I have many new framed images that I will be displaying there through the month of April and will be at the reception this Sunday, the 7th of April at 4:00pm...how's that for a plug! I'm very excited about the show...I've done several at various Borders Books and I always get tons of calls and feedback for my work at these venues. I'm also working on writing music for film and TV, songwriting and recording an instrumental record that will incorporate cinematic music and my photographic images into one package...be on the lookout for that. As you know, many of my images can be seen on-line at timothydrury.com...what can I say, I'm plug happy today!



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