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Sal Salangsang


Sal - Awesome things come in small packages. Sal is a living breathing example of this - talent, brains, good looks, sense of humor and the man CAN dance! See what he has to say about working with Rick over the last year and learn more about this cutie that shares the stage night after night with DA MAN! 

How has performing in EFX-Alive evolved for you?

I started off as the opening act with David Cassidy, when Tommy Tune came aboard I was able to do the opening act and the finale. Then two great guys named Bill Wray and Richard Strum had enough faith in me to make me Rick Springfield's co-star. Which in turn gave me more parts in the show.

What is your best memory of being in the show to date?

The opportunity to fill in for Rick when he is out. 

If you could perform with anyone on stage or in a film or on TV who would it be and why?

Jim Carrey. I would love to see our energies together. 

How does the show differ when Rick does not perform the lead?

I still get to do the pre-show and go through the show as the "EFX Technician". This allows me the opportunity to jump in and out of character whereas Rick can not. Rick must play the four different characters (Merlin, P.T. Barnum, etc) at all times. I can be Sal the Technician and/or be the four different characters. 

Do you have any quotes you live by?

Philippians 4:13 -- "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." 

What is your favorite Rick Springfield song?

I've Done Everything For You

What is your biggest daily challenge?

Icing the body! 

If not Las Vegas and EFX-Alive...I would be _________

At Sea World of Texas in San Antonio.

Cup half empty or half full?

Cup not big enough!

Morning person or night owl?


9-11-01 how has it changed you and the things you do?

It has changed my thoughts on flying, but it does not inhibit me from flying. 

Do you ...YAHOO?


Any last comments?

I have a Yahoo group at SalSalangsang@yahoogroups.com. With the help of Janie and Josie Hernandez we run this group. My websites www.SalSalangsang.com and www.SalSalangsang.net are under construction at the moment, but are coming soon. My fan club will be operated by Josie and Janie as well.



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