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Derek Hilland - Part II

So, here's Part II. of an interview with "Shy Guy" (or is that "Cousin It?") Derek Hilland!

Favorite Classical piece?

Rachmaninov Concerto #2 -- Whenever I have to learn a song or two for an audition or a gig, I listen to this song first. Then the songs that I actually have to learn seem incredibly simple!

Favorite Contemporary piece?

"Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" (Drowning Pool) HAHA

Cup half empty or half full?

Lately it's been half empty, but for most of my life it's been half full. I'm not speaking of finances, that part of my life is fine, I'm speaking of my outlook of course. I find that when you don't take enough time for yourself and spend all your time working, you start to sweat the little stuff instead of seeing the big picture. The big picture being that everything is really just fine. I'm fixing this recent pattern though. Just yesterday, I was getting a tune-up for my car and I decided to walk about 5 miles along the coast to Santa Monica to pick it up, rather than calling a cab. I didn't even stop for food along the way! Remember my nick name is Food Boy!

Fill in the blank: When I grow up___________

Never! I remember when we were playing catch in an airport once, and we almost hit some tired business man, and he said: "I see you guys didn't forget to take your jerk pills today!" Rick replied to us: "some people just forget how to be a kid."

Morning person or night owl?

Most definitely a night owl.

How did you get involved with Ricksmerch?

Rick offered the merchandise business to me to reward my unprecedented loyalty to him! (kissing up, 101) HAHA After he did, I asked him if we could set up a web site so that people who couldn't make it to his shows could still get his merchandise. It was kind of the same with the video. I asked if I could have a crack at it and he said yes. Let me just say that video editing is VERY time consuming and I'm really glad that he decided that we should only make it about an hour long! I was thinking of 2 hours, but I'd probably still be working on it if that was the case!

How did writing music for Sony Playstation games come about?

A good friend of mine works for them. I did a song on "Kinetica" and I'm currently working on a new one, but I'm not supposed to talk about it! Top secret stuff you know! It's mostly techno music...not my favorite!

How many times have you seen EFX? What do you think of it?

I saw opening night and the show on Rick's birthday. As much as I was planning not to like it, I really did. It's very entertaining and I think he's great in it...and those dancers :o) Oh, and I get to sing with him every night even though I'm not there! I did the high harmonies on the backing track to "Rhythm of the Beat." I personally prefer the "Living in Oz" or "Kristina" type of songs from him, but "Rhythm of the Beat" fits into the show very well. I teased him about it's very pop sound, but, as usual, I should have kept my mouth shut 'cause he knew what he was doing!

Las Vegas - Love it or hate it? / Do you gamble?

I don't like Las Vegas much. I don't drink and I don't gamble so... I much prefer going to the mountains or some where tropical if I'm going on vacation. It's very loud and bright where I work (on stage) so I like to go some place quiet when I'm not working. Quiet is the last word you would use to describe Las Vegas!

9/11/01 - How has it changed you and the things you do?

I sleep in my own bed at night and my 300,000 frequent flyer miles are at a stand still!

What have you been doing professionally for the most part since touring ended?

I've been song writing, doing some studio work and vocal coaching. I've also been doing a lot of math! (merchandise business) Thank God Dad is a nuclear physicist so I inherited some of his rocket brain! I'm also reading up on how to make dvd's! I'm not telling you why!

Are you The "Weakest Link"?

Let's see, before I took over the merchandise business, Rick said I covered the keyboard parts and singing of three guys, so, how can you even ask that question! HAHA That title is reserved for one of my minimalist band mates...I'll let you try to figure out which one!


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